Karsten Kleppan


Well, rather clean ones, really, especially when it comes to tricks! Even on the crustiest spots… With a special mention to Cyrus Bennett manuals!

Kleppan alert!

What to say, really!? Well, it really is just Karsten just doing his thing on a board, isn't it!?

They blew it … Again

Tor Ström, or vxtaosen, more or less the current Polar filmer worked very well in early autumn to deliver us KBH MIXEN. With at the casting, of course a good part of the polar team, Hugo Boserup who’s still a big fan of high speed, and a lot of Scandinavian locals. But especially a very well deserved part for a Ville Wester ready to commit on anything and everything as long as there is a little bit of challenge. In short a huge dose of adrenaline, we even have a small appearance of Kyle Wilson.


Just the backside flip grab would enough to fuel a week or two of debates, but before all, once again, Soulland drops another edit that really, really gets you hyped to skate, even when filmed deep in the Scandinavian autumn…

Charles' tip: "Karsto & Janno"

"Heavy power! Seriously, total carnage!" Seriously, yep, seriously… Those two are not messing around. At all. For real. And they make it look so good!

You got soul

Well, as everybody is talking about Copenhaguen, how about a tour of the city with Eric Koston and a crew of local colleagues? Care for th pitch of that very post modern edit co-produced by the Soulland heads? Well, everybody rips, but in the end Hjalte crushes everything and everybody… Surprised?


Waaaait a minute… Our Stefan is a superhero, now!???

Da champ'!

Well, it is raining crazy parts these days… Could there be some awards of sorts around the corner? [tongue in cheek emoji] All right, let's just give Karsten ESOTY, and be done with it!


This should get you hyped for the Chronicles Volume 3 premiere, and stands as a friendly reminder to the fact that everything can be a spot… Then again, when you are Cory Kennedy, it might come easier!

All Star

Just with the names appearing on the screen, you'd be convinced, but the crew did not only cruise around in that camping-car, trust us! This is heavy, in the best way possible, and the greatest spirit!


This project took us by surprise, but considering the weather around Europe today, nobody is going to complain about too much to watch at home, are they? But, mainly, we are talking about serious ripping, here! And don't even base this on seeing the name Kleppan pop up, as the totality of the skaters features absolutely shreds every spot to pieces. Bravo.


Until now, La Paz was more known for its biggest DIY skatepark in the world, but Karsten Kleppan and Flo Mirtain took upon exploring the streets of the city –as well as more arid areas– under the digital eye of Boris Proust. This makes for a great new episode of the Nokia Pureviews series, mixing the joy of exploration with straight ripping, as expected from such young men…


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