Denis Lynn

Saint Denis

We announced the project of a documenary by Phil Evans on Irish young man Denis Lynn, recently and it finally is available online! Meet a young man that seems able to get away with about anything…

"Saint Denis", as seen by Phil Evans and Samu Karvonen!

You may already be familiar with Phil Evans' name due to the well-earned notoriety of his past films such as "Format Perspective" or "Coping Mechanism", experiments such as "Paper Cut London" or maybe even the elusive "Scrum Tilly Lush", a full-length skate video filmed all over Europe on nothing but Super 8 film. This Spring, the Irish filmmaker strikes again with "SAINT DENIS", a documentary about not-less-Irish skateboarder Denis Lynn (yes, Conhuir's brother!), for Carhartt Work In Progress. Premieres of the film are going down worldwide as we speak and, with the Paris one just around the corner (scheduled for March 28th), we thought now would be a great time to catch up with Phil, but also with Denis' Finnish Carhartt WIP teammate Samu Karvonen who's also prominently featured in the film. Now and without any further delay...

Euro Giddy!

If you ever wonder who's is really on one in French skateboarding at the moment, the best response we could offer you would be the keys to hack Romain Batard's hard-drives… They all here: Parisians, non-Parisians, tourists, visitors and dabblers! We will set aside the Taveira case, here, as he steals the show here –as in every other skate edit these days– to highlight Felipe Bartolome that appears here with no more mane and in great form!

No Promo 15

They are announcing a full-length, which would already be a fair enough reason to rejoice, but we'll use the excuse to also celebrate the fact that our very own and national Greg Cuadrado is now part of the gang!


Denis Lynn is the younger brother of one Conhuir, and you might have seen him next to him for years, with a board the same height as he was for years… But, Denis is mainly, mainly a sick skateboarder of his own, and demonstrates so, here on a few spots that all look absolutely impossible!


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