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Everybody's tip: "Daydream"

Charles: "Touzery for president!" With Roman as a prime minister? This new SOURCE episode will have something for everybody and is another great work from Ben Chadourne! A nice display of what is happening in (mostly) Parisian streets nowadays…

Bloby's City

In case you had missed it when it came out on Free Skate mag, a little while ago, here is Paris as seen by the Bloby's and affiliates… If that doesn't makes you want to come for a visit, we don't know what to tell you anymore!


Now that is one Hell of a look book! Clearly in the "beautiful tech" genre, you can't mess with Hélas…

Nancy Zoo

Let's head to Nancy, a city nobody ever discuss when it comes to skating, which allow this edit to be full of spots you've never seen, while still recognizing some familiar faces, from the Parisii edits, for instance… The whole thing has a great vibe to it, also. You're going to dig it!

Going West!

The French Converse team decides to take less traveled roads, and surprise, surprise, comes back with spots we've never seen before!

Week in the sun

Here's a little visit to the city of Montpellier by the Converse gang, where Guillaume Guirao and Roman Gonzales get noticed, each in their own way, one being both solid and "classic", while the second enjoys a more "free flowing" approach.

Un jour, j'irais là-bas…

"À New-York avec toi!"… If you're not Francophone, this won't mean much to you, but let's just say that those are the lyrics that come to anyone daydreaming about a trip to the Big Apple, over here, coming from a Téléphone track… So, the French Converse team has gone there, and seems like they had a good time!

Ahh, Acapulco…

Considering the current forecast, it would be nice to fly to Acapulco, but for now we'll have to enjoy following around the Parisii usual suspects that ride for the NYC based company of the same name, seen here enjoying the last days of summer! Now that should boost you up a bit!

Parisii I, II, III and IV

The Paris visit continues, this time keeping it central! The city’s first four arrondissements are the smaller ones, but are still rich in spots… Only negative point: you have to share them with the 27 millions of tourists passing by each year! Parisii is a Live exclusive – kindly supported by Nike– and a work in progress, so if you want to contribute a trick or a spot, feel free to join in! Meanwhile, stay tuned, with the map.

Lawis power

Skateboarding in Paris is way richer than just Parisii, and Hadrien Buhanic keeps on holding it down for the Bloby's Nation… Good stuff.


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