Javier Sarmiento

Young Tech

Hélas keeps on releasing parts form the many talents featured in Fellas, and this time, you are in for a ledge course "en Español" with a young man already in power even when spinning around, with a quick featuring from two of the pioneers of that whole style, Lil' Jesus and Javier Da God. This is coming from the disc two of "Fellas", now available in DVD form for free with any order from their website, here.


Javier Sarmiento's name should at least be recognized by whoever claiming to be a skateboarder nowadays, as the man is a renowned street tech pioneer who's been pushing his art ever since the nineties. Strong of smooth style, impeccable switch prowess and some of the most beautiful flip tricks ever delivered (his switch 360 flip is especially timeless), Javier used to skate for Powell, then The Firm with Matt Beach, éS at its heyday and currently represents Sk8Mafia Skateboards. He's been a longtime Barcelona resident and this compilation of lost footage dating as far back as 2000 can only attest of that fact; the ledges get graced by a classic style and the clips from a tape only recovered recently, eighteen years after its use, making for just another display of Javier's timelessness!

Las calles hablan!

Live and direct from Barcelona, the real ones, the ones people call the underground! Arthur Dias represents as well in front and behind the lens, and with his colleague Tiago Lima, can afford to invite and all-star line-up of tourists and locals of their city. Yep, a solid dose of Spanish Tech™ as we dig it! Check ESC, while you're at it…


Now that is one Hell of a look book! Clearly in the "beautiful tech" genre, you can't mess with Hélas…

The heel king

Man, Dani is just inoxydizable, isn't he!? It must be twenty years that he's been making us believe the most complex ledge tricks are natural, by connecting them in smooth lines… Check the flow, and enjoy the cameos, as well!

Double hit

We knew Sarmiento would not deceive: he is on the untouchable side, and somehow untouched by the years… And no worries about the spanish technician , but the –really good– surprise comes from Mister Pettersson, that pretty much steals the show here. His name has been cited for years as one of the most interesting Barcelona locals, and the part finally does him justice. Hell, he even finds a new angle at Parallel!

A taste of the 90’s

Josh Kalis has pontificated over this many times: Spain is one of the very few places in the world where skaters still have plazas that, accidentally, happen to be great spots, where you can spend all day skating, drinking beers, smoking joints and skating some more… For better, and sometimes worse, this type of skating used to be the norm, dictated by San Francisco’s EMB. It was the 90’s… Or it is now, but all over Spain.

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