Jesus Fernandez

Young Tech

Hélas keeps on releasing parts form the many talents featured in Fellas, and this time, you are in for a ledge course "en Español" with a young man already in power even when spinning around, with a quick featuring from two of the pioneers of that whole style, Lil' Jesus and Javier Da God. This is coming from the disc two of "Fellas", now available in DVD form for free with any order from their website, here.

They blew it … Again

Tor Ström, or vxtaosen, more or less the current Polar filmer worked very well in early autumn to deliver us KBH MIXEN. With at the casting, of course a good part of the polar team, Hugo Boserup who’s still a big fan of high speed, and a lot of Scandinavian locals. But especially a very well deserved part for a Ville Wester ready to commit on anything and everything as long as there is a little bit of challenge. In short a huge dose of adrenaline, we even have a small appearance of Kyle Wilson.

Jesus is for the children!

There is only one Jesus, let's just say it! Prophet of the almighty Spanish Tech™ in ancient times, but still a strong representative of tech fluidity, here and now. The best part of this compilation is that it proves he suffers no muscular rigidity. Could he have discovered the Fountain of Youth? Would he soon enough be walking on water? Until then, let's also enjoy this other gem, too

Las calles hablan!

Live and direct from Barcelona, the real ones, the ones people call the underground! Arthur Dias represents as well in front and behind the lens, and with his colleague Tiago Lima, can afford to invite and all-star line-up of tourists and locals of their city. Yep, a solid dose of Spanish Tech™ as we dig it! Check ESC, while you're at it…

Oldies but goldies!

A little look back, to the blessed (?) era of the Year 2000, when pants were baggier and with horrible cuts, and the shoes… Ah, the shoes… But let's stay focused on what matters: a time when Girl and Chocolate were at the top of the food chain, and for one reason –and the best of all– a team unduplicable (if that's even a word) for its talent pool of course, but also its styles. And, no, that post is not addressing only to those of us that are trying to hide a burgeoning belly under a hat from the latest drop. No, and this is the true beauty of skateboarding: it can be timeless, like a flatland switch pop shove-it by Stevie Williams. Yes, you read right. Why don't you check for yourself? You could get inspired…


So, yeah, #lucassotyeveryyear, yes, Geronzi is at the top of his game, but let's note the confirmation of Karl Salah's "République Mayor" status (a crown handed by Dill, nonetheless…) and way more than than from him!


Now that is one Hell of a look book! Clearly in the "beautiful tech" genre, you can't mess with Hélas…

Live SOTY?

Maybe, uh? Karsten can even make Barcelona footage really exciting, which is not given to everybody!

The heel king

Man, Dani is just inoxydizable, isn't he!? It must be twenty years that he's been making us believe the most complex ledge tricks are natural, by connecting them in smooth lines… Check the flow, and enjoy the cameos, as well!


Lakai takes you on a little roll around London, with the usual heads, and… And… Enrique Lorenzo!?? Now, those are great news!

Charles' tip: The French Flare Tour

"This tour edit takes us around France with some of the Europeans lucky enough to be sponsored by Lakai, filmed by Boris Proust? you'll have a look, for sure! Some great stuff, here, with mainly Gauthier Rouger who can, when he wants to. Oh, and another proof that in 2013, you better count on Karsten Kleppan to kill it."


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