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Pop back!

It is Back to School also for the Pop Trading Company homies, and they are in fine form here, with even a new recruit, Jeff van der Veken, and pretty much the whole gang at its best, including notably Willem van Dijk's line! This should get you stoked, while waiting for something beefier: #popliveinberlin!

PLUS / Berlin / Premiere

The roomies keep on migrating for their summer vacation, this time landing for ten days in Berlin, sharing their sessions between the locals hosting them and other tourists like the  Pop Trading Company boys, which even got them embarked in the Pop Live In Berlin operation… Maybe a hint on where they could go next? Let's note this is edited to a track by the multi-talented Ryan Sublette, also known as Adeodat Warfield.

Pop Recycled / Triple Six Is My Number

For those who don't know, Pop Trading Company are the distributor for the Benelux area of an array of brands that, from Palace to Magenta, prove their good taste… That would be quite a feat on its own, but on top of all that work, they find the time to promote their own scene in many ways, including the regular drop of their Pop Clips for the past eight months now. With 2014 about to end, they wanted to give free reins over all the raw footage accumulated to a few friends. Needless to say, we are quite proud to be on that short list, and to even get the chance to present the very first Pop Recycled edit to the world! The logical name that came to mind to do the remixing job was Hugo Campan, the sound and images juggler which you already know from Kurds Are My Heroes or Lucas, Le Remix… And such a trio could only gonna triple six on you…

All Engines

You will recognize some names or styles from the infamous Pop Clips, but add Jeremy van der Eijk and Billy Hoogendijk and you will get a nice snapshot of the streets of Amsterdam and what happens there, far from all the silly preconceptions we might have. To put it bluntly, this is a good serving of punch, and the perfect counterpoint to your morning Lannon dose!

Pop Clip #12

Twelve edits in a year, that's reason enough to celebrate, but at Pop Trading Company, they don't even take the easy route of a compilation of sorts, but offer you two minutes of dat new new on their beloved Benelux brick grounds!

Pop Clip #11

As always super varied in their respective approach of brick grounds, our Pop Trading Company homies offers us here one of the most perilous wallie grind we have seen in a while… And nowadays, that says something!

Pop Clip #10

Here's the monthly postcard from the homies at Pop Trading Company, with a healthy dose of bricks in that one!

Pop Recycled / The Manolo episode

Here is the fourth and final remix of the Pop Clips from the Pop Trading Company camp, and this time, this is the one and only Manolo from Manolo's Tapes fame that gets to work on it! A different use of spices, therefore, but with the type of skating that gets you stoked, and a great reminder that there is a healthy and active scene North of us!

Pop Recycled / The Pop episode

After ours, then the Grey one, here comes the third remix of the Pop Clips from Pop Trading Company. This time, they did the job themselves! More never seen before clips and a sick editing of it all: what else you need!?

Pop Recycled / The Grey episode

Here comes the second remix of the Pop Clips that have put out by Pop Trading Company, and this time, it is the Grey homies that gets at it, with Jacob K Brown behind the wheels! A footage selection and a general mood quite different from the ones done by Hugo Campan, and still the general street ripping the Pop heads are known for.

Popin' it!

This new edit from the Pop Trading Company homies is the best excuse to announce that we are working on something quite special with the gang! Stay tuned, and meanwhile, enjoy their take on the Benelux spots!


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