Noah Bunink

Pop Clip #6

Always great those Pop Trading Company edits! And this one will make you ask the best question a skate video could ever instigate: "Where the hell is this spot!??"

Shit's popin'!

Live from Amsterdam and other cobblestones paved areas, the Pop Trading Company keep on skating those streets smoothly, while mixing all ears…

Pop, pop, pop, fourth round!

For the Mont des Arts line, in Brussels, only, this would already be worth our attention. "Quick Feet" you say?

Brut de Pop!

No fuss, no gimmick for the Pop Trading Company edits, and this how we like it!

Pop, pop, pop, round two!

We were asking for a follow-up, well, we just got served: the dudes from Pop Trading Company are coming in hot!

Pop, pop, pop!

Despite harsh weather conditions and an architectural landscape that is not necessarily ideal at first sight, the Netherlands have developed a strong tradition of actual street skaters that aren't afraid of getting tech, and from the look of their very first edit, the Pop Trading Company crew should hold that torch with pride. We are now waiting for the follow-up!


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