David Clark


Now, this should be your Sunday evening classic for a bit! Hell, why even Sunday only? This ode to skate videos of all times and eras, full of subliminal educational messages should keep you busy for a few hours, actually… This is a little treasure in disguise. Then again, a video starting with a Dom Henry trick can only be  a feel good movie, right?

Clark alert!

(Almost) nothing new here, but this compilation of recent footage set a the perfect Talking Heads song makes for an excellent way to start your day! Impossible spots and clean maneuvers, he also is perfect here!


Do not miss this, everything here is top-notch, from the skating to spots, and including the whole look and feel of it!

Charles' tip: Pat Gallaher!

"It was about to be two months without a new part from him, so I was a bit worried… Here I rest, reassured!" Well, you might want to worry about his musical tastes, though? Jokes aside, you should treat yourself, here!

Domepiece: da B-side ya need!

You have loved Headcleaner? Well, the crew is back with an optional edit, and more or less the complete casting! Rejoice!


A Beastie Boys soundtrack, the lo-fi mood, the "vintage" tricks in lines: this could be so much in trend, that it almost falls into the "too trendy" category, but this part is a guaranteed "frenetic texting to the homies before the part is even over"! This might have to do with the way David Clark stomps all his tricks. Trust us on that one, and treat yourself with the DVD!


This will get you in the mood for a full length out of Atlanta we keep hearing about, that should be heavy on David Clark's greatness: this is more or less the same crew, and what a scene! The editing makes for a great mood, also… Well, we dig it!

Under pressure

Now, how many people can you think of, that would try to bring back the pressure flip to former glory, without getting ridiculed? That David Clark is just great!


One could have only post the David Clark part, as he is at his best here, interlacing improbable spots with perfect technique, but the first montage is such a perfect mix of unknown (well, to us!) skating spots we've never seen to do great things on them… Yep, this has a bit for everyone out there, in this promo for an Atlanta based hardware company!

Sunny road

One could argue that this isn't much more than a look-book in motion, but in two frontside flips, David Clark and Jake Donnelly will have you stoked. Plus seeing skateboarding showcased in a different format than "part full of tricks" is always nice. Also, all of us stuck in winter can only daydream at future roadtrips while looking at this…

Dece Vid

New York as a background, and a casting mixing such names as Lucien Clarke, Shawn Powers, Alex Olson, Austyn Gillette, Dan Plunkett, Danny Brady, Brian Delatorre, Nick Boserio, and the long awaited Yaje Popson part? Get the kettle on!

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