Tiago Lemos

Tiago alert!

Must be nice, must be nice…

Tiago alert!

DC does Latin America, and no this is not a montage of skatepark demos interlaces with footie of raving crowds… Nope, stritcly streets, here! The real deal… Where one realizes that this Tiago dude has a trick (or a dozen of them!) for each spot, and also where a forever young Alex Carolino confirms his paternity of the whole BrazilPowerTech™ tradition that mister Lemos has been pushing to new levels recently!


And, no, the idea is not to rehash a pointless debate… Because, end of the day, the idea that there might be a "better" skater than the other is laughable (to stay polite) at best. Let's just use the existence of this remix by Village Psychic of the best footie of Tiago Lemos in 2017 to end the year remembering that he was the only skating house sized "spots" with a big smile on his face… Plus the track picked for it should put you in the perfect party mode for tonight!

Let's see what 2018 will be bringing him… and us!

Pop culture!

What the hell just happened!???

Textbook Kalis

Where Josh states once again the fundamentals when it comes to constructions lines…

Brazil 2.0

What a better representative of that art form known as "Brazilian Tech"? Tiago Lemos effectively is a modern –and boosted– version of the Rodrigo Teixeira's and Alex Carolino's of the precedent generation, I.E. that perfect technique combined to an explosive pop, while adding his complete versatility when it comes to taking on those streets. Quite the perfect remix, here, thanks to Village Psychic!


The younger amongst you might not be aware, yet, but, in skateboarding, in the end, the Brazilians win! Even if some Spanish citizens hold their own, just like Lebron, here… But, yep, there no denying that Brazil offers its best, here, with the help of the BLVD gringos, with the techest skating possible, but with the raw street vibe, those dudes being able to juggle their boards on the worst possible spots. Dig it now, as they are the future! You can find some extra good stuff, here.


Your (little) Thursday morning struggle… How to approach this extract from We Are Blood, in only a few lines? The sound track angle? Theotis Beasley astonishing abilities to push the limits of "matching"? The subtle placement of the product Dubai? The implications of said state international "soft power" politic on the mainstream perception of messing around with your friends on skateboards? The beauty of the infinite money concept allowing a city to dream itself as a Disneyland for adults?

Direct lineage

We were recently discussing the Kalis / Williams duo, and one can state that Tiago Lemos must have studied those two quite seriously, as shown in the street camo, for sure, but, mainly, mainly in the way he pushes his tricks to a paroxysm of perfection, as he does with that "simple" pop shove-it 360 on flat –a trick that has turned boring by now– that takes a whole new meaning under his feet!

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