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This is the video we all needed. We will not dwell too much on the incredible cast that is proposed here, because it’s rather normal when we have the Nike Sb team at hand. On the other hand, we must note that there are some faces that we are not used to see and it's really cool. Beyond that, it's probably one of the best videos we've seen this year (and not only because Live co-organized the Paris premiere), almost everyone must have a favorite skater that appeared here. We go from Great-Britain to the United-States with two different ways to practice, to approach spots but always with an energy more than overflowing. There is also a particularly violent Casper Brooker almost reminding us the Hockey videos. It's also a great opportunity to remember how incredible Daan Van Der Linden is and that he does not skates for Antihero for nothing! But above all, here is finally a real part for Caleb Barnett, something that is expected at least since the “Hockey III”! At filming, Jacob Harris and Ant Travis shared the task and really worked to make something irreproachable. In short, an effective video and well executed in every way, thank you!


Waaaait a minute… Our Stefan is a superhero, now!???


Your (little) Thursday morning struggle… How to approach this extract from We Are Blood, in only a few lines? The sound track angle? Theotis Beasley astonishing abilities to push the limits of "matching"? The subtle placement of the product Dubai? The implications of said state international "soft power" politic on the mainstream perception of messing around with your friends on skateboards? The beauty of the infinite money concept allowing a city to dream itself as a Disneyland for adults?

Girl Skateboards x Ed Banger Records bring you Sean Malto, a French Fred Remix

As a world exclusive, here is Sean Malto's part from Pretty Sweet, remixed by Fred Mortagne! Just for you, on Live Skateboard Media…

Meeting… Pedro Winter!

Ed Banger Records boss explains how to realize your adolescent dream, by linking music and skateboarding. Sounds like a good program!

Far, far away

If you are still planning your summer, here is something to hype you up about not beating the same old path! This also doubles as a good reminder about two FACTS: ONE, Nestor Judkins is pure class, now matter how dirty he can get. TWO, Sean Malto is way more than just a Street League skateboarder.

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