Sebo Walker

Small things…

Just for that soap shoe hammer!


Worrest, Cromer and the boys in Barcelona, you in? Well, yeah, off course! This way, please, then…

Let's skate dude!

The new Krooked full length? It's here, it's now!


Or how the "feel good movie" of this Sunday has been filmed in one day, using one obsolete camera… As for the return of the Staple, we will let the shoe fetishists give their opinion!

Krooked NYC

It's all in the title, isn't it? One should note how Brad Cromer steals the show, here, and that Matt Gottwig makes for a pretty good "young buck"… 

Staying flared: Pittsburgh

Just for the crazy bowl in the basement, this would be a good watch, but they also put up a decent demo, don't they!?

In dreams…

One does not necessarily think about tight transitions when Lakai is discussed, but they do have some heavy hitters to put in the van these days, and if the destination offers some concrete oasis by the shore, they will rip it… But, stand assured the streets were also hit in Puerto Rico!

Famous skate rats unite!

According to the quite thick Book of Live Laws, whoever deemed worthy enough of a shared sesh by Devendra Banhart deserves a post… Therefore, no need to even mention that fakie ollie 50-50! Bravo, Yaje!

Charles' tip: Sebo Walker

"he's got that "smooth tech", whatever the terrain is!" that's right, even in stunt mode, he's just so casual…


Another good one for Sebo. The switch flip at 0mn55 !!!

Charles' tip: Sebo Walker

"Sebo is my hero… Or, how to ditch all basic rules about a skate part, while keeping it all legit!" One could also wonder why his welcome to Krooked part did not look a bit more like this…

Far, far away

If you are still planning your summer, here is something to hype you up about not beating the same old path! This also doubles as a good reminder about two FACTS: ONE, Nestor Judkins is pure class, now matter how dirty he can get. TWO, Sean Malto is way more than just a Street League skateboarder.


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