Stevie Perez

Flaco 2: The return

Lakai gives Stevie Perez a second signature shoe, and logically after the Flaco comes the Flaco 2. For those who wish to see how they look once in the heart of the action, the first interested, Stevie Perez in person, allowed himself to destroy some spots (a lot) for the occasion. Filmed with a Vx in the rules of art by Kevin Martinez, the style is clean, relaxed almost casual, to believe that every trick of this part has been landed first try.

Public Service Announcement

All right, younglings, if you are getting tired of hearing the old ones pontificating on "having it", well, here is all this talk is based on… With a little luck, this should speak to you… Well, let's hope so!

Flaco loco!

We would have known for a bit, and his recent appearances in the GX1000 edits had only confirmed it, but Stevie Perez truly is in direct lineage from the Chocolate first generation, in his L.A. lost alleyways raw  street, and well applied tech…


A trip to never seen before spots, despite being just on the other side of the boarder, and the return of Rick McCrank! What else you need? The kids are all right, also…


A nicely put together edit featuring most of the people you really want to see skating these days, that nobody has told you about? Tempting? Well, here you go, it's on us…

Lost in GX-lation!

So, if you are not aware yet, it means you've been in a 24 hours coma of sorts, but this new GX1000 episode is one of the best since its inception, and not only for its Richard Hart featuting! Let's also note the greatest capture of flatland 360 flip in a long, long time!

In dreams…

One does not necessarily think about tight transitions when Lakai is discussed, but they do have some heavy hitters to put in the van these days, and if the destination offers some concrete oasis by the shore, they will rip it… But, stand assured the streets were also hit in Puerto Rico!


This could be the ideal "buddies get on the road" scenario, from the Oregon parks to the spots found behind the bankrupt supermarket, with the little difference that the back row is packed with a great selection of the new generation from Stevie Perez to Dan Plunkett, with the few OGs that still charge like Peter Hewitt… And it looks like they all learned tricks from one another!

Rickk Alert #2!

Yes, you will be able to see Rick Howard skate, and if this wouldn't be enough for you, Marc Johnson noseslides a mountain, and Rick McCrank murders it all…

Rickk Alert!

This Lakai tour stop at the Montreal DIY spot gives us the great chance to see Rick Howard do what he does best: rip with finesse!

Here comes the sun

And now that your board is soggy, and your shoes ruined, here is a little ray of Californian sunshine, brought to you by Mr Perez!

Charles' greatest tip

No idea on how and why this is surfacing in this way, but let's just make it official: Stevie Perez is a hero, whether filmed in HD or not! And absolutely everything about this edit is perfect…


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