Koston in Montreuil?

À Propos mag just dedicated an issue to Eric Koston? We went to check it out!


So, we live in a world where Austyn Gilette can film that kind of fs flip for the buddycam of the 10's: a iPhone… Is that totally insane? Yes. Should we complain about it? Nope.

Spring fling

Since we were discussing Ian Johnson, the art master of Western Edition, yesterday, here is the skateboarding side of the company, and its international riders paying a visit to S.F.. Featuring the one and only French Antony Lopez! Spring is on, it is now official.

Michael Mackrodt, a retrospective (Part 2)

To celebrate a decade of Michi, Element is offering us, and you, an exclusive interview in two parts, with the second one focusing on his present and intensive travels, just like this interview ha gave us yesterday!

Raw technique

You could forget about Günes Özdogan, amongst all those other talented skaers, but he does have a little something extra: an amazing technique (refer to the Santz flatland switch tre here) and a great ability to adapt!


20 000 leagues from here…

We discussed 20 000 Leagues Under The Sea, with its creator Joe Peters, and it is now coming out online, part by part… This "friends" section, the second one of the whole thing, will give you Berlin envy!

Kings of that road

King Of The Road is always a heavy dose of good times and intense shredding, and this seen through the Alien Workshop filter can only be even better!

Move in silence…

If the 90’s East Coast hip-hop soundtrack is turning into a 10’s cliché (but still works, somehow!), this is pure good stuff: many people you’ve seen on Live before –including our favorite Quayde Baker– and way more we don’t hear enough off, a bit like their city of Perth, which is strange, considering the talent displayed here!

Ben Fisher

We might not be the first to tell you about it, but it'd be a shame to miss out on this great Ben Fisher part for Stereo, that shows many more facets of the dude.


horo night

No logo, no name, no color, no american pusher mais a nice black & white atmosphere in this japanese ballad. A good way to relax after work.



Before benjamin coming back from Kinshasa with plenty of news Live Exclusive, here is what our expert Charles has selected for you this week end : a very balanced and full of wheelie Organika mix tape video featuring especially Walker Ryan and Josh Anderson.

Michael Mackrodt, a retrospective (Part 1)

To celebrate a decade of Michi, Element is offering us, and you, an exclusive interview in two parts, with a first one focusing on his formative years, just like this interview we did with him!


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