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Vladimir - for the obscure.

The black sheep has only been developing exponentially over its now nine years of existence, and so has been the attention it's received with, this year, an approximation of three hundred people showing up from the whole planet over to attend this local festival in Fažana, Croatia - a little Istrian port town with a loaded history, testimonies of which still stand under the form of monuments everywhere (currently ensuring a steady flow of tourism), and the sensibilities of the inhabitants.

What originally started out as a very local initiative consisting in video screenings at the local skatepark quickly outgrew that embryonic phase as its instigators, Nikola Racan (of 'Solsticij' full-length video underground fame) and the Skateboard klub August Šenoa locals grew to use modern communication tools to get further and further in touch with universally renowned skate artists and documentarists - whether in the photo or video field.

Oldies but goldies!

A little look back, to the blessed (?) era of the Year 2000, when pants were baggier and with horrible cuts, and the shoes… Ah, the shoes… But let's stay focused on what matters: a time when Girl and Chocolate were at the top of the food chain, and for one reason –and the best of all– a team unduplicable (if that's even a word) for its talent pool of course, but also its styles. And, no, that post is not addressing only to those of us that are trying to hide a burgeoning belly under a hat from the latest drop. No, and this is the true beauty of skateboarding: it can be timeless, like a flatland switch pop shove-it by Stevie Williams. Yes, you read right. Why don't you check for yourself? You could get inspired…


The younger amongst you might not be aware, yet, but, in skateboarding, in the end, the Brazilians win! Even if some Spanish citizens hold their own, just like Lebron, here… But, yep, there no denying that Brazil offers its best, here, with the help of the BLVD gringos, with the techest skating possible, but with the raw street vibe, those dudes being able to juggle their boards on the worst possible spots. Dig it now, as they are the future! You can find some extra good stuff, here.

Double hit

We knew Sarmiento would not deceive: he is on the untouchable side, and somehow untouched by the years… And no worries about the spanish technician , but the –really good– surprise comes from Mister Pettersson, that pretty much steals the show here. His name has been cited for years as one of the most interesting Barcelona locals, and the part finally does him justice. Hell, he even finds a new angle at Parallel!

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