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More than twenty years have passed, already, since Mike Cardona's tragic passing back in 1998; as one more homage, Crafty of YouTube channel KnowTheLedgends just reuploaded those eight minutes of footage of him skateboarding on the East Coast with his brother Quim which were never officially used before, and used to be a tad harder to find on the Internets. So, that's one more opportunity to spread them again! For those a tad behind the loop, Quim still skates - for two, some will say - which the new generations might already know via "STATIC IV" or "SPIRIT QUEST" - and he still runs Sushi Wheels.

B. B. Kings

For this Sunday's brunch, it's one savant cocktail of savors that awaits you right now under the form of this edit by legendary N.Y.C. skate filmmaker R.B. Umali (yes, the one behind "MIXTAPE" for a golden-era Zoo York, amongst many other works). As its title suggests, we're talking a retrospective of footage collected throughout the decades and video productions, nowhere but at the mythical skate spot of Brooklyn Banks. One that just so happens to be under quite the imminent threat of destruction, by the way - a decision one can still help oppose via this petition right here. Anyway, in the silly hypothesis that such a landmark would need a video resume of sorts to certify its cultural importance to the masses, then this one would have to be it, featuring a who's who of some of the most classic East Coast styles and pretty much a compilation of the most memorable moves and moments ever spent on those bricks. Just look at that roster!

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