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This is the video we all needed. We will not dwell too much on the incredible cast that is proposed here, because it’s rather normal when we have the Nike Sb team at hand. On the other hand, we must note that there are some faces that we are not used to see and it's really cool. Beyond that, it's probably one of the best videos we've seen this year (and not only because Live co-organized the Paris premiere), almost everyone must have a favorite skater that appeared here. We go from Great-Britain to the United-States with two different ways to practice, to approach spots but always with an energy more than overflowing. There is also a particularly violent Casper Brooker almost reminding us the Hockey videos. It's also a great opportunity to remember how incredible Daan Van Der Linden is and that he does not skates for Antihero for nothing! But above all, here is finally a real part for Caleb Barnett, something that is expected at least since the “Hockey III”! At filming, Jacob Harris and Ant Travis shared the task and really worked to make something irreproachable. In short, an effective video and well executed in every way, thank you!


A little more "street style" follow-up to last week edit of the antiheroes by contract gang, that stays, rest assured, all terrain gnarly, notably via an on fire Daan. And it is even approved by the Police on Bicycles of Murika!

GT alert!

Where, in only a couple of rather incredible tricks, Grant Taylor manages to make you forget the other elephant in the room, IE how improbable is that new collab', interbreeding the Swoosh and the grumpy yet majestic Bowl Eagle… 

Dat collab' ya need!

In the "couple made in Heaven" category, the Antihero / Volcom combo is up there, that's for sure. And if Daan and Grant annihilate those poor New Jersey pools, on the street side of things, Austin Kanfoush might steal the shoe here, notably with that Mach 2 line on ground that looks like grip tape or something…

Charles' tip: Daan Van Der Linden!

"We good, here? Everybody got the memo!?" It appears that, yes, everybody is on the same page…

Goin' West!

Here is a trip to the land of gigantic ditches, quite the unusual terrain for the European chapter of Volcom. Netherless, do they rip it! Then again, that crew is quite on point… Let's note that Aaron Suski does a bit more than showing them spots, and he is always a pleasure to watch skate!

Spot porn

The bright side of having such a dynamic duo is that something will happen whatever the destination might be, but, damn, those Copenhagen spots will make you daydream… And Dan and Ross use them to the max!


That's the least you could say, but what is interesting about Daan Van Der Linden is the diversity of his tricks from tech to old school, all done in a naturally smooth style that can't be faked…

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