Dylan Sourbeer


And here's a sharp booster shot on an undeniable fact, in those uncertain times: Sabotage 5 is dat tape ya need for many reasons, including an important one: it will remain the last in-depth documentation of the skateboarding practiced at LOVE Park in its last years until it final demise. And that counts for something, right?

A future for LOVE!

The Sabotage heads announce here, with a bang, another full-length (the fifth already!) for the end of September, and document here the last hours of Love Park, apart from footage of carcass tossing in the fountain that should appear in a few more tourist video projects. No, we are talking about the locs, here, and their reality going through heavy changes. A bit like the VX 1000 version of Jonathan Renthscler's book

M+FG kids!

Young John Shanahan uses his perfectly executed appropriation of the late nineties, Kalis style, to launch the collab' everybody has been waiting for: DGK x Marithé François Girbaud! oh, wait, I am being told this is more the case of John being a fan of vintage Tech-Ugly© gear! Which does not stop from being equally clean and powerful on his board… Let's also note a classy Dylan Sourbeer featuring!

Sabotage 4 promo

One can trust the Sabotage heads for coming up with that street style you want to see and, here, between the classy featurings and the usual heads, this promises a sick full length… But, for now, you can enjoy a full part of Dylan Sourbeer whose crooks fakie, crooks line should go down in the history books of Love Park, we say!

Postcard from Philadelphia

Here are some news from Philly, and according to the Sabotage heads, they are pretty good!

Postcard from Love Park

The Sabotage gang is back and, as you would expect, they still localize the mythical Phillly spot (but not only…) and even innovate in the way to skate it! Good stuff, we say.


The Sabotage crew always "keeps it real" as you might say, and once again, they deliver here. Let's note Ishod Wair's line that could pass as a nod to the one of Jason Dill in Photosynthesis, or just be a great idea a day of boredom at an annoying spot. Whatever is the case, we like…

Chris' Tip: Ming Kong's Revenge

Today, it is Chris Fireoved, from Caste Quality fame, that gives us a tip! Many Philly and Washington DC heads we've talked to you about, plus many, many others? Check it out!

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