Gilbert Crockett


Perfect mix of a sesh with buddies and big tricks caught on pixels via a phone, once again! A special nod to Na-kel, though… He's got the power!


This new episode of the best collab around these days –well, apart from the Magenta x Live t!– almost has a Parisii-esque vibe, and that couldn't be something to complain about. Basically, Los Angeles rarely looked as much fun to skate!

Gilbert Alert!

It is technically impossible to be in desperate need of Gilbert Crockett, considering his ability to produce quality footage (if you doubt that statement, just type his name in our research bar!), but this should get you as stokedas we are: a sort of raw best-of from Old Dominion, the homie video where he does play a big role, obviously, but where all his buddies are way more than just fillers. This is the skateboarding we like, with the vibe we dig!

Le Bust

This must be the best skate related web series there is out there, right now, and it seems people haven't realized that, yet… Have a look for yourself, and you'll be able to tell everybody about it at the spot!


Gilbert Crockett, dammit…

Love Street

Will Rosenstock, which you might remember from such movies as Old Dominion, is announcing a new project already, logical follow up with a semi similar crew, and we can't wait to see it!


So many great things in these three minutes, but in the end, one major question: "Will the next iPhone come with a Gilbert Crockett so you can film it when you're bored?"…


Damn, Gilbert!


Raymond Molinar doesn't let down his phone anymore, does he? The good thing is he does share his buddy footage with all of us! Knowing that the homies can count Heath Kirchart or Bert Wootton, one can only rejoice from his new addiction!

Back to the roots

As many interrogation points surround the Workshop these days, what a better idea tan get back to the basics, and Ohio, the native grounds of the brand? This could go horribly wrong, but the whole cinematography of it reaches classic Workshop imagery, from civilians cell phone footage to a couple Super 8 images that should stay burned in your mind. Successful mission, therefore! Oh, and Jake Johnson skates in a parallel universe unknown to the rest of us…

"That weirdo, Gilbert…"

When stated by Jason Dill, this is obviously a big compliment! We definitely found out that Gilbert Crokett was amazing a while ago, but this local video gives him a chance to verify it, once again, in an imperfect environment we can all relate to, and from that fakie flip in his very first line to the powered through smith grind on the kinked rail with no run-up –that was just conquered, literally– it seems like he has reached a acme of his art, these days!

Nice mix!

If we can finish off the year watching a little montage regrouping Gilbert Crockett’s springy claves, Yonnie Perez ability to always find a line, and the definitive proof (if still needed!) that Stevie Perez is the real heir to the Choco tradition […]


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