Cory Kennedy


How about some Touzery on Buccheri's turf? Head this way, please. Plus the rest of the crew isn't half bad, either.


A trip to never seen before spots, despite being just on the other side of the boarder, and the return of Rick McCrank! What else you need? The kids are all right, also…

Your weekly Ishod dose!

True, we hadn't seen new footage of Mister Wair for a few hours, at least, and were starting to worry, almost! Luckily, a little trip to Puerto Rico with the Johnny Wilson crew gives him the chance to stretch his legs, while Cory Kennedy happens to steal the show!


This should get you hyped for the Chronicles Volume 3 premiere, and stands as a friendly reminder to the fact that everything can be a spot… Then again, when you are Cory Kennedy, it might come easier!

Mini ramp, mega fun!

Where one can see that the streets are fun, but backyards can be great, also… And where one can sense a Daclin influence on some of those Lucas tricks!

CK1 Alert!

No comment needed…

The gift

No impossible trick, no dangerous transfer here, nope… Just a quick sesh at the mini bowl with the homies, but the undeniable demonstration that CK1 speaks to his board like some whispers to horses…

Cory's Life

Now imagine having, for a day, Cory's board control… Just one day!


Could Cory Kennedy be the best skateboarder around these days? Well, yeah, he is.

C.K. the First

Could it be possible that long (and not that necessary, actually…) quest for the "New Koston" end in 2014? Cory Kennedy looks like he could fit all criteria, including turning the most difficult skateboard maneuvers into jokes!

Hip hop hooray

Quiet day, uhh? Let's get this party started through this Trunk Boyz compilation, with a modern music masterpiece slapped over it! A great occasion to watch once again that pool Berle line that is just amazing…

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