Martino Cattaneo

Monday blu

So, how do you start off a rainy week the best possible way!? Well, by celebrating the concrete pouring obsessed "development" of the most beautiful places in the world, by drilling swimming pools and water parks there… With the La Dolce Vita crew, off course! Without them, it sure would look a lot less fun! But, frankly, how insane is that spot, seriously!?

Euro Giddy!

If you ever wonder who's is really on one in French skateboarding at the moment, the best response we could offer you would be the keys to hack Romain Batard's hard-drives… They all here: Parisians, non-Parisians, tourists, visitors and dabblers! We will set aside the Taveira case, here, as he steals the show here –as in every other skate edit these days– to highlight Felipe Bartolome that appears here with no more mane and in great form!

The sounds of summer

This part excerpt from Routine Bondage, dedicated to the infamous Swiss Warriors, reminds us all the good times that come during the summer as a crew (because this is what the Warriors are, primarily!): that one big trick because, well, why not; the silly tattoo because everybody did it, the partying on a highway parking lot, somewhere on the way to a far away spot…

Meeting… Martino Cattaneo!

The main idea was to get to know better Martino, after premiering his impressive part in Alice in Warriorland… It kind of worked!

Warriors "Alice in Warriorland"

We showed you, as a Live exclusive, Martino Cattaneo's part yesterday, full of surprises and unexpected tricks, in the great tradition of the Lugano based Warriors. Well, here is the full length, which should help you ease out into a mellow Sunday evening… Uhm, maybe.

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