Originally founded by East Coast pioneer Ricky Oyola, in the entire universe, Traffic Skateboards has always been celebrated for its appreciation for urban excellence and a direction in fine, occasionally downright sharp taste; and today, they live up to such impossibly high standards again, with the consecration of two longtime brand riders and activists Mark Wetzel and Pat Stiener as honorary pros, for this next season at least. And so, as the Internet typically calls for, a video retrospective was in order; except here, we're not talking one, but two separate edits by Theories of Atlantis - so, one for Pat et the other for Mark the Shark, respectively. The Traffic video saga already being impeccable in the first place, you can already start imagining how qualitative the best-of mix really is... Also to expand on (one of) the subject(s), please feel free to (re-)read our latest interview with Mark Wetzel about filming for the Traffic video "LOOK LEFT", his personal background and way more interesting stories, here!

Up next

If masking hints of smelly feet with a few layers of deodorant is a typical off-the-board skate trick, today, it's Stinky Socks which has Deo Katunga covered; and, while we may have been willing to almost spare you that terrible joke, there is no way we're letting you off without the clip honoring said contract, because now that is quality. Stinky Socks being based in Bulgaria, "UP NEXT" was shot just there in the capital of the country: Sofia, over just two weeks by a Veliko Balabanov willing to work overtime whilst technically on vacation. Unique spots, creative and raw skating, Mini-DV at its finest and sweet editing; what else would you need?

Anyhow, make sure to remember Veliko's name, as you will be hearing of him again on LIVE again in the future, if all goes according to plan!


Bad puns aside, Yeadihael Canat gives us news of a good chunk of those haunting the streets and the nights of Paris… And, yes, they all did catch it at some point!

Make sure not to miss the man's former video, too complete with its emoji-heavy title, here!

Dat Angoulême dose

On the endless scale of underrepresented scenes, the one of Angoulême, France ranks pretty high, thereby justifying just as much more attention whenever it does raise its voice. That's why it especially caught ours, strong of its half an hour of skateboarding filmed on location, and also making for the opportunity to catch up with its author Victor Chassel for a well-deserved recap of the regional skate activity altogether:

"'LA DOSE' is a video filmed over the course of five months around Angoulême, with the goal to skate as many spots as possible. The project was supported by Pop-Out Skateshop, Plus Skateboards and our collective Steez.

It really is your basic homie project, with no pressure whatsoever - originally, the intent was to make a joined clip with my friend Alexis Dupuy and I, but the scope quickly grew bigger than that.

The idea also became to gift the local scene with, finally, another legit skate video as it had been ten years since the last local full-length production. 

I remember first starting skating in Angoulême and, like any little kid would have been, being impressed by all the local kings of the era at skatepark du Gond - names such as Teddy Robert, Melvin Tisseuil, Musko Arnoud, Rémi Paquereau or Florent Lavocat especially being worth a mention.
They all used to skate for our former skateshop: Woodies ; and then one day, their full-length video dropped and it instantly became a reference for our whole generation.
Ten years later, the scene has changed a lot: new talents have emerged, new kids have picked up the torch. Which had to be documented too!
Everything just fell into place for this video; I had bought myself a decent camera, finally, everyone was pumped to skate and then, paradoxically, the recent succession of national lockdowns actually resulted in more freedom for us to do our thing.
When I took on filming duties, I really wasn't expecting to be in for a twenty-nine-minute long project. At the end of the day, I'm satisfied with the results and glad I could film me and my friends' first parts. Obviously, the biggest accomplishment is gifting the Angoulême skaters with a new local video representing everyone. It's been nearly two months since it dropped, now; for a lot of people here, it's been on heavy rotation, and so here's to hoping even more folks will enjoy it!" - Victor Chassel
And as soon as the first suggestion of historic local videos to possibly recommend, Victor hooked us up:
"- Here's the classic "WOODMOVIE" full-length video by Nico Malet for the (late-) Woodies shops of Angoulême and Limoges - a true local gem!
- Also back in the day, Teddy Mongin was making shorter clips for the shop; in the end, that's ten installments in a series I used to binge watch, which you can find on Teddy's Vimeo channel;
- A solid Teddy Robert part;
- Here, an ancient shop promo;
- There, a clip of some city and skatepark footage by Pierre-Henri Terrade;
- A more recent promo video of the Pop-Out Skateshop team;
- And finally, to go way, way back: the "SIXTEEN" trilogy from the nineties, caught in between the peak of Hi-8 and the emergence of the Mini-DV format!
And then there still is way, way more, but those should suffice for now!"

Plant In The Desert

Magenta Skateboards audiovisually announces the all-Australian inclusion of both Casey Foley and Morgan Campbell amongst their ranks by the means of one more gem by Josh Roberts, of "DOMINGO" video series fame, here handling camera and editing duties. Everything was filmed in Melbourne over the course of several two-hour sessions, as the local lockdown regulations would allow, and - in spite of such a knackered context - together with some more friendly blokes.

In the past, LIVE already interviewed Morgan here regarding his visual arts project: "DEJA GLU", and also shared "ABOUT NINE", one more brillant Josh Roberts production, in between many other appearances over the years...

And for more Magenta, make sure not to miss the crew's latest Tenerife holiday edit: "SANTA CRUISE DE MAGENTA", by Andréa Dupré this time, originally published by our brethern at Solo Skate Mag!

A manual of ultra-violence

Four minutes of self-harm, courtesy of mister Kadow… An exemple to follow! Or not?


Southbank alert!

We already featured the man's previous video offering: "GRINGO DIARIES" (as well as the corresponding interview) a while back and today, Chris Komodromos a.k.a. Koncise, skate filmer but also musician, producer and D.J. is back with something a tad more local: "TRAPPED" is the by-product of two years spent nowhere but at Southbank, that historic London spot the scene of which persists to save again and again, most notably via Long Live Southbank. An undercover initiative supported by SB Skateshop which practically translates into twenty minutes of in situ VX with, on the other side of the mirror, neighborhood champions aplenty, including the likes of James 'D.J.' Davidson or Jeremy Jones.

Marius Chanut / 5W's!

Marius Chanut is one flamboyant product of the Parisian suburbs, skates for Supreme and studies art history. He's also a photography enthusiast, and that's exactly what the recently established Galerie Bête, in the basement of Arrow and Beast, just so happens to be celebrating right now with the exhibition "TO FATHOM", on display till July 22nd. Marius also handicrafted a new zine for the event, of which fifty copies are made available. For the luckiest of you to browse through on the metro whilst on their way there, here's the following conversation we just had with him, 5W's style as usual!

Picture a broken clock...

More than twenty years have passed, already, since Mike Cardona's tragic passing back in 1998; as one more homage, Crafty of YouTube channel KnowTheLedgends just reuploaded those eight minutes of footage of him skateboarding on the East Coast with his brother Quim which were never officially used before, and used to be a tad harder to find on the Internets. So, that's one more opportunity to spread them again! For those a tad behind the loop, Quim still skates - for two, some will say - which the new generations might already know via "STATIC IV" or "SPIRIT QUEST" - and he still runs Sushi Wheels.


Remember: Gerardo Sosa was recounting his experience skateboarding in Argentina, last year, via "SITUACIÓN DE CALLE", a Buenos Aires video which happened to raise enough questions for a LIVE interview with its author. Well now, it's by the means of another full-length piece: "PACHITO" that we get to travel on his dime again - and to his hometown of Guatemala City this time! Once again, the perfect occasion to discover the incredible spots, original styles and vivid colors of an underrepresented scene, documented by Gerardo with no less style, sincerity and passion - for the surrounding street life, too! We're talking thirty-five minutes, an exclusive photo gallery - below - and, if all goes well, you can expect even more from Gerardo on LIVE, soon!


Today, LIVE is featuring even more of Felipe Oliveira (after his recent video and interview one can still check out here), as Converse just granted him a pro colorway, as the skate shoe world calls it. To celebrate, once again, we're talking a video offering by Guilherme Guimarães who managed to get three minutes of footage out of only seven days spent filming around Salvador da Bahia, and got Felipe involved as far as in the creation of the soundtrack, along with genius Fernando Denti and Pivaratu. The project appears to be of the collaborative sort also on the skate front since, amongst all of Felipe's mindbenders, can also be remarked the shine of intertwined appearances by Luis Moschioni, Alison Rosendo and Ruan Robert.

Loophole alert!

There is definitely no tippy-toeing around this sharing of all three of the segments from the brand new Loophole Wheels video "NEW DOORS HAVE OPENED" that our brethern over at Free Skate Mag have been posting throughout the week. Because the DVD just dropped (in two different versions, coming with a zine), and also because you won't need any more to understand how we're talking the full-length skate piece of the year, right here! Jameel Douglas celebrates his newfound official affiliation with Magenta via a part so impeccable it might as well qualify as a tribute to the traditional greatness of San Francisco skateboarding, tech, smooth and creative; Chris Athans, on his end, shows those hills who really decides over their rhythm, while Josh McLaughlin makes the most improbable maneuvers work. Ah and of course, Zach Chamberlin is behind the lens... What more does one need to cope a copy?


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