David Stenstrom

We blew it at some point

You can stop all the cyber-digging you have been up to lately: it's here! Yes, the latest Polar video!

Memory screen

Our homie Blake Myers recently spent a week at David Stenström's, in order to learn about the rather enigmatic character… Not sure he found all the answers he was looking for, but one thing is for sure: the kid really is a natural on his board!

The L.A. boys

After the world famous Trocadero and Manhattan, the Polar dudes headed to the city where it, allegedly, all started, Los Angeles. It even look like Cali turned them all tanned and… blond? Must be the combined sun and sand effect… Surf's up!

Polar gang

Final part of the independent project Tredje Akten, and a good occasion to watch the whole line-up rip in all its diversity…

All the way South…

Nice postcard sent from South Africa, where Campbell, Stenstrom and Taveira were recently, enjoying a difference in temperature and a change of surroundings!

Manhattan days

Once again, Pontus Alv reminds us all the real point of skateboarding, which is getting out the house to meet the homies! Here, with a background of smoking manholes and perfect to slappy metal curbs, a New York landscape as real as it can a fantasy… While avoiding the clichés that the city often inspires. Another success to Pontus' credit, and a great teaser for that future Kevin Rodrigues part we are all waiting for!

What's the word? Johannesburg!

South Africa is rarely mentioned when it comes to skateboarding, even when exotic destinations are discussed… Those three did not hesitate to go check out what was going, and if they had ditches over there. One should note Rémy's line on the spot made famous by Dill in Skate More, and the ATV qualities of the young Felipe!
Also, in case you were wondering what inspired the title of this post, you should head over here.

Cons Space Paris

A moving images type of flashback from the Cons Space Paris, with great skating from the locs as well as the guests of honor!

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