Dennis Busenitz

Hype away!

Another proof that Jack Fradel is a bit more than "that dude that grinded that Cardiel rail", plus a family landscaping course, Busenitz style!

Hype away!

Nothing worse than "stress montages" as they are called (think about it!), but the Adidas boys manage to skip the part about crying about security guards not being nice, and even manage to make us laugh. As Lucas Puig states: "I am an asshole!". By the way, could the amount of footage of him being spilled around, could that mean he's got a good stash!??

Hype away!

Another reminder of the Away Days arrival, and an interesting windown into Nakel's life… Plus a couple nuggets from  Dennis Busenitz! Enough to keep you hyped up for the big day

Hype away!

It's now official, Away Days is announced for Wednesday May 18th in Paris, at the Palais des Glaces, and this new edit is most likely not going to keep you content till then… Hell, no!

Away Days, soon!

Question: if Tyshawn's hardflip and Miles' back tail are in here, well, what are they sitting on for the actual full-length!??

NYC to Miami

Historically, New-Yorkers go to Miami to enjoy quiet and restful days, for a short break, but mainly to retire…Tyshawn doesn't seem to have the same idea of lazy days in the sun! And a good chunk of the Adidas Skateboarding team follows his lead in a reckless attack of all spots, no matter what the temperature of humidity levels. Yes, they broke a sweat!


Hmm, skatepark demos with Lucas in top shape like here, it very much isn't the same thing, is it? That Dennis kid got it, too.

Pepper alert!

Thanks to hi-tech tools, our crew is instantly notified whenever appears on the interweb the one known as The Classiest Man in the World, AKA Joey Pepper… Yes, it did cost us an arm in fragile technology, but god was it worth it! Proof here with this trip around New-Zealand, far off destination if there is one, that really makes you want to find a tiny spot in the back of van to tag along… Monsieur Pepper reminds us all his ability to destroy all, while always giving the impression he hasn't broke a sweat doing it.

Fear of a flat planet

Base of all basics, "flat" as its called is what allows you to learn, practice, and then develop your street tricks, to finally adapt them to urban landscapes… It is also an art form of its own, often neglected, somehow! Little compilation of defining moments of the "flatland" game over the years. This selection might shock the younglings, and also forgets many important figures, but it still is a great reminder.

Three stripes, three cities…

Hard to list all the neat skate maneuvers here, considering their amount and variety, but as usual, you will appreciate the diversity of the team, and above all of styles involved. One might not remember much from the arrival of Alec Majerus, but the absolute mastership of Rodrigo Teixeira will once again trigger your admiration, just as every time he steps on his board.

Best & Worst: Dennis Busenitz

How exhausting to you think it is to be him? Our hero answers a few questions, exclusively for Live.


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