Jake Donnelly

Off Broadway…

Adidas in NYC, you know if it going to be good, especially considering the caliber of the new ams joining in, but Rodrigo… Goddam', Rodrigo!!!

Hype away!

It's now official, Away Days is announced for Wednesday May 18th in Paris, at the Palais des Glaces, and this new edit is most likely not going to keep you content till then… Hell, no!

Away Days, soon!

Question: if Tyshawn's hardflip and Miles' back tail are in here, well, what are they sitting on for the actual full-length!??


We know it, we wait eagerly for it: Away Days is around the corner, and we can't wait to be hit in the face by it… And this should get you even more jittery for it. The diversity of skateboarding practiced by the Adidas team is here well shown, and we will note the definitive transformation of Lucas Puig into " a full grown "hombre", which is –obviously– the highest compliment.

NYC to Miami

Historically, New-Yorkers go to Miami to enjoy quiet and restful days, for a short break, but mainly to retire…Tyshawn doesn't seem to have the same idea of lazy days in the sun! And a good chunk of the Adidas Skateboarding team follows his lead in a reckless attack of all spots, no matter what the temperature of humidity levels. Yes, they broke a sweat!

Future man

Powerful legs and the tricks you want to see: he's got it all!

C.K. the First

Could it be possible that long (and not that necessary, actually…) quest for the "New Koston" end in 2014? Cory Kennedy looks like he could fit all criteria, including turning the most difficult skateboard maneuvers into jokes!

Sunny road

One could argue that this isn't much more than a look-book in motion, but in two frontside flips, David Clark and Jake Donnelly will have you stoked. Plus seeing skateboarding showcased in a different format than "part full of tricks" is always nice. Also, all of us stuck in winter can only daydream at future roadtrips while looking at this…

Le Jake!

Going home for the holidays is the same thing for Jake Donnelly as it is for you: visiting the family, and skating a couple old spots with the childhood buddies… Well, almost the same thing!

Big Apple, big smoke!

The complete Adidas team in a photogenic location, you know it's gonna be good, and it for sure is! Everybody skates hard, including the newest addition here offically introduced: Mark Suciu. But what will remain, in the long run (pun intended), is the stealthiest line ever filmed on a skateboard while puffing on a cigarette, done effortlessly by Pete Eldridge. One that would make jealous even Dan Drehobl!

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