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Yoan Taillandier / 5 W's!

As to better accompany his new Bordeaux montage, here's another dimension of Yoan's perspective on all things MINUIT, through the prism of our classic treatment-by-the-5 W's!

PLUS / Bordeaux / Premiere

The "PLUS" episodes tell the adventures of a little crew of friends, coming from the town of Nancy, and now known as "The Roomies" in the streets of Paris. Yes, they more or less live all together, to the point they even go on group holidays. A "PLUS" is an edit, filmed and cut by Victor Demonte, sharing those few days spent here or there, and the skating shared with the locals that hosted them.

Tavu alert!

You already know "Tavu" from the Focus we gave him at the very beginning of Live, but also from the many artistic collaborations he has had around the world. Well, this part mixes the best of both his worlds, between the spots of his hometown, Lille, cooked the way he knows how, and the latest board he just drew for Magenta, inspired by Bud Powell.

Charles' tip: ***POSTCARD 3***

"This postcard comes from Bordeaux, and will get you stoked, snow or not… You can't get more 90's than that!"

Zeropolis XV Years / Premiere

We have shown you as an exclusive the Zeropolis XV Years video celebrating the skateshop and local scene history, and it is now watchable and downloadable on their site. Don't miss it!

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