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Launched in 2017, Intêrstate is a highly qualitative skateboarding magazine with a focus on beautiful images, exposed film and an explicit motto: "skateboarding culture and visual arts". The third issue just came out, and one of the co-founders tells us more.


At least, it is going to be difficult to get cleaner…

Charles' tip: Joey Guevara!

"Such beauty, not much more to say…" Sure, all in this is just good, for the new Alien pro!

They pros!

Not much more to say, apart that this makes us even more anxious for Yaje's part in the up-coming Transworld video, after this short but sweet dose of smooth yet powerful skating!

(Almost) raw Alien!

A look back at Bunker Down, first real project of the revived Alien Workshop, with the totality of the footage produced for it during a Detroit trip. Prepare yourself for a lot of skating, in the ever so-photogenic quasi-ghost town, and a nice windown into the "real level" of the crew, on a daily basis. Let's actually note the omnipresence of Brandon Nguyen, whatever the spot might be!

The hour is now

So, here it is… The first video offering from a rebirthed Alien Workshop, Bunker Down! And debates are about to explode. Should the Workshop have survived with a new team? Is "tradition" respected? When everybody that has been following Alien Workshop since it very first advertisement in a magazine – quite the enigmatic one– will tell you how many times the brand has risen from the ashes many times, sometimes going from empty shell with no real rider anymore to cult subject again sometimes overnight. Will it be the case this time? Well, the youth will decide… Sorry, old farts. You had your Workshop, whichever it was, and it is now time for a new generation to decide if they should have one.

From our side, we will note here a surprising Max Garson that puts his name on the map in the matter of a couple lines!


Suciu Alert!

They always deliver at Atlas skateshop!

The hour is near…

And, so, Joey Guevara is the first rider for the newborn Workshop… Not bad of a start!


All right, now, let's stop day dreaming about the past of an idealized Love Park, and let's focus a bit on what is going on in Philly nowadays! All this through Chris Mulhern's eye? Even better!

Charles' tip: Joey Guevara

"The unknown of the week? This guys does about everything, and does it good, real good!" Now, come on, Charles, "unknown"!? We have mentioned Joey over three times already! But, yep, this part and his amazing lines should earn him to find his face on red t-shirts all around the world, seriously!


Collabos can be cool, but Atlas skateshop is involved, you know it's taking another level! And, no, Mark Suciu isn't the only one getting some shine, here…

The modern road

“Let’s take the team and hit the road…” Everybody does it, on a daily basis, almost. The results varying greatly, at least footage wise. Atlas is a skateshop from SF area with a team of heavy hitters –Mark Suciu leading the charge– but this montage raises the bar quite high, whether you’re into stunts or well-crafted lines… Only good stuff, here, really good stuff!


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