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P.A’s tip : "Homies Network"

So yes! They are not skateboarders with an irreproachable style. Yes, they are not the greatest technicians that skateboarding has ever known. But is it really necessary to be the best when you have so much fun while being on a board, just riding, succeeding or even missing tricks? Everyone sees things and enjoys the sport in his own way, all we can say about "Homies Network" is that they all found what makes them happy in this discipline. Beyond that they are all very good skaters full of passion that brings a real breath of fresh air on the current skateboard scene. Here, there is no good or bad trick, just something you want to do at a certain moment because it can be funny, and that's it! That's how we end up doing noseslide to pop out tailgrab or good big ollies barefoot. When you don’t care about much, the only limit is surely your imagination.


So, some might be puzzled by the radical changes Daniel Kim's skateboarding seems to have gone though in only a matter of years, but, all in all, if one should never change, life would at least get stale real quick, if not boring, don't you think? And, end of the day, the best of it all, is Daniel manages to keep his practice of the streets exciting as hell! And it's all that matter, right?

Hjalte alert!

At Frog, they love Hjalte so much they just gave him a guest board… But, we love Hjalte too, and you love Hjalte too, don't you!?  The main difference is they get to skate all around NYC with him, which transcribes in endless smiles and beautiful lines…

"The Sound of Success"

In the port of Amsterdam, there is one hell of a gang that goes under one of the best crew moniker in the world… And they just released a full video, full of great skaters (including many a Pop homie) and of the weird spots we dig, mainly made of red or grey bricks or slabs of many sizes. They also have adopted that Glen Fox fellow which takes here the opportunity to drop one of his best parts so far, including quite the handful of hammers in there… This should put you in the right mood for the week-end!


Where to start? Quim Cardona, as seen by Colin Read… One of the most probable parts from recent masterpiece Spirit Quest, one of the most well put together share part of all times, an insane compilation of some the illest front shoves… Ah, nothing to add, just watch! And watch again!

Charles' tip: Bobby Worrest for Quartersnacks

"A quarter of Worrest with Nikes, now that's a deal!" And Bobby graces us with another part, out of nowhere, for the Quartersnacks gang…


All right, now, let's stop day dreaming about the past of an idealized Love Park, and let's focus a bit on what is going on in Philly nowadays! All this through Chris Mulhern's eye? Even better!

Beast, indeed.

Watch out, he's gonna cut you! We already spoted Daniel Kim here and there in various Washington DC clips, but, now, he show what he is truly capable of: technical and efficient, but with a stomping quality that is really enjoyable. No half assing tricks here! This video looks promising, and don't miss out on that part!

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