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palace alert!!!

Dat audio-visual tech ya need…

Lucas est là!

Once again, Palace takes everybody by surprise, by not dropping the infamous full-length, but a relatively short edit, with mainly two strong points: off course Lucas Puig settles in nicely, by skipping the induction seminar to just moving in the office with the sea view and all… That, and a quasi full part of Danny Brady that will put the younglings in check about why they should have full respect for the man! From Jahmal Smith to Rory Milanes –and let's not forget Lucien Clarke– everybody is in fine form, here, and no when they go to NYC it is not just to open new stores… Let's also note an Olly Todd featuring, shall we?

V Nice

Once again, they take everybody by surprise at Palace, by dropping a twenty minute edit, with pre-marketing campaign of any sort, and just to keep us waiting for "the Real one"! The one the world expect to be filmed entirely in London… But this time, they manage to return to the birth site of street skating, therefore the streets of Los Angeles, and enjoy them the way any skater making the pilgrimage would, mixing iconic spots –like the Santa Monica sand gaps– sessions with messing around with the random finds in between. Off course, they do it quite good! All with the house soundtrack they have imposed to a whole generation around the world over the past three years. Yep, they are just killing it, and nobody could complain about it, apart from the mean spirited!

OG mix

You most likely remember that recent edit celebrating Lucien Clarke's shoe on Supra? Well, here is the original mix, even more PWBC visually and sonically!


Cours d'histoire: Paris!

This past summer, the Supra crew came to Paris, but instead of just destroying the local spots, they also took the time to exchange with the locals, in order to learn a bit about their city, and the way they live in it… A rather refreshing angle, the occasion to look back at classics –even for us– and, fear not, the spots did get their fair share of hurtin'!

We've got five years, stuck on my eyes!

Five years… Now that's a load of sessions, photos, new friendships and trips! For just a handful of candles… That is exactly what Henry Kingsford must be pondering after five years of Grey, his magazine. First more London-centric and about all the scenes inhabiting the Old Smoke, the mag has soon expanded in both size and content to reach all corners of Albion, and even further, as you can see, here. And Grey being more than ink on paper, here is a mixtape of clips from all the videos they have produced over that time, putting once again the richness of British skateboarding in the spotlight, as Grey has been doing since 2010. Alright, everybody get your handkerchief out, and let's all sing along!

Lucien alert!

Lucien Clarke, ladies and gentlemen!


Endless hype!

Once again, Palace just take everybody by surprise, by dropping over 15 minutes of street gangster shit, and therefore shutting down all the naysayers whining about the fact that they are not the only ones knowing their name. And, yes, the average Palace customer also shops at A.P.C., and that pays for Chewy Cannon's rent, which leaves him the time to do what he does on a board. So if you still something to say about this, well, we are not interested in hearing it.

Charles' tip: Rory Milanes

"The final part of City of Rats just got online, and everyone should watch Rory Milanes! This should keep you quiet till the London only Palace video he just announced in Grey happens…"


If you had been digging, rightfully so, Innocence & Experience, well, here is what wasn't "good" enough to be in there… Considering the caliber of these rejects, one can only rejoice we still get to see them! Plus, the heavy Oscar Candon featuring is a nice touch!


In case you were in need of some kitchen made UK hip-hop, spiked with a few Lucien Clarke lines, well, here you go!



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