Brendan Carroll


You favorite street theoricians are back, led by Josh Stewart and his fearless no-comply! Pretty much everybody is in here, even the least expected one, and everybody's got something to add!


We have been discussing the Chicago case, via the Deep Dish edits, for quite a bit, now, but this time, it is the Theories colleagues that went there to see what all the fuss was about, leaded by the fearless Josh Stewart… Un-surprisingly enough, our local hero, Brett Weinstein, steals the show by demonstrating an inherent ability at tackling shitty spots, usually after getting up from harsh slams. An edit you should, and will, watch over and over through the week-end, and more!

Spring streets!

Even if winter seems to never want to let go NYC, they try to keep skating there, and the Theories heads are out in those streets, you know it! And, goddam, how stoked are we to watch Jahmal go hard in the paint like if he was still in his late teens!


Have you checked that casting? Do you really need more than that to click!?

Surf's up!

Or when Theories goes to Cali!

In the name of…

Off course, being named Carroll while you are skating at a certain level, must put a bit of pressure on your shoulders… You just can't be a dork. As you would already know, Brendan casts no shame over his glorious moniker, far from it! He has chosen a rather similar path of smooth tech on unsmooth spots, and holds it down.

Bronze, unplugged!

The whole crew is in this, and even on the steepest streets of SF, the NYC heads hold it down!

T.O.A. alert!

You know us: considering the names involved, we could only be excited… But, if you don't agree with us on this one, we are speechless… Beware, this also doubles as a Brandi alert!

Who's who!

We have already mentioned Local Express a couple times but, here, you are in for a treat! The casting is about perfect, and in raw mode for a quarter of hour, you have time to really enjoy everybody's style, without even counting all the rough yet so eye pleasing spots to be seen here.

Dynamic Duo

Those two are punchy as hell, and you know it already, therefore combining them is pure logic, Traffic affiliation, or not… Sprinkle the homies, and you get a part that will slap you into skating mode, especially if you play it LOUD! Hmm, looks like this Local Express DVD could be a great investment!

This Is Not the Sour Video

You were in dire need of ripping skating straight from the streets of NYC (and its surroundings), pieced together with a tongue in cheek soundtrack, since… Well, yesterday? Fear not, this should help you out through the next 24 hours, despite a couple already seen clips…

Traffic Update

Best news of this Monday morning: Traffic is back! And the new generation has decided to take upon representing as it should be the art of skating those streets that were not meant to be ripped… And from Brendan Carroll to Yonnie Cruz, they sure are raising the flag high! This should kick start your week, and put you out the door right away…


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