Shawn Powers

Blondey alert!

Model, creative, virtual celebrity, one could easily forget the cold facts: Mister McCoy is a bit more than that, and mainly one smooth skater of the streets, even on the roughest NYC grounds, and this new Bronze edit thankfully reminds it to us.

palace alert!!!

Dat audio-visual tech ya need…

Powers is for the people!

One of the most controversial skater in NYC (and Lord knows there are a few…) is back here, in fine form, because Shawn Powers displays here the fast paced street lines that make him stand out. It also seem no crustacean got hurt during the making of his Dany part…


Extra Yaje

Sure, Yaje's part from Dany, the recent independent project from New-York is being held hostage on Thrasher, but this bonus edit got your covered as it is a little gold mine for mister Popson, but also all his buddies from the full-length. Good, good stuff, some infra bass and even a kiss to the filmer's grandmother. Perfect!

V Nice

Once again, they take everybody by surprise at Palace, by dropping a twenty minute edit, with pre-marketing campaign of any sort, and just to keep us waiting for "the Real one"! The one the world expect to be filmed entirely in London… But this time, they manage to return to the birth site of street skating, therefore the streets of Los Angeles, and enjoy them the way any skater making the pilgrimage would, mixing iconic spots –like the Santa Monica sand gaps– sessions with messing around with the random finds in between. Off course, they do it quite good! All with the house soundtrack they have imposed to a whole generation around the world over the past three years. Yep, they are just killing it, and nobody could complain about it, apart from the mean spirited!

This Is Not the Sour Video

You were in dire need of ripping skating straight from the streets of NYC (and its surroundings), pieced together with a tongue in cheek soundtrack, since… Well, yesterday? Fear not, this should help you out through the next 24 hours, despite a couple already seen clips…


"Mandatory post!" as stated Charles…

Youth of Today

Lurknyc's Strangers in full? A little dive into the streets of NYC… And a great dose of motivation for all of us!

Bag Lady

We have been following their adventures for a while, and now they are announcing a full length via this teaser… Yep, the new generation of NYC is rising up!

Fog horn emoticon

Or whatever is that horrible sound effect that is supposed to be motivational to all the terrible rap listeners these days… This one seems to be more of a hard-drive cleaner but with that Bronze touch that makes you want some more anyway!


Charles' tip: ***ENRON***

"Your Monday drug!" For sure, Bronze has been all about the heavy stuff, and the transition to HD is not changing anything to that. Let's note the gangsterest roll away in a long time via Luis Tolentino's back lip to back tail, and the confirmation of super hero status for both Jordan Trahan and Aaron Herrington!

Solo Jazz

It's all there: the usual heads at the top of their game, the virtually unknown coming in hard, the more or less subliminal nods to the like of Mike Carroll, Jason Dill, Lennie Kirk and many more (find them, if you can!), and then, and before all, all types of shredding, always in its most pleasing form. As Charles stated this morning, this new Bronze prod' is "inescapable"!


Live Skateboard MediaLive Skateboard Media

Wait to pass announcement...