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Bordeaux Exposure 3 trailer

LIVE has been sharing Julien Janusckiewicz's skate works since the very first "BORDEAUX EXPOSURE" back in 2013; in the meantime, the series has gotten itself a second chapter, a handful of one-offs such as "LEO AND SERGIO" or "SWISS EXPOSURE" and is now just about to take its next step, due next spring, as "BORDEAUX EXPOSURE 3" has been boiling in the pot for long enough to juice out this trailer. So, on the menu: mostly Bordeaux, but also a few grams of Paris, Milan, Geneva, Montpellier and Lyon for good measure, all repped by their respective locals. Talk about an appetizer!

Please feel free to explore Julien's Vimeo here and as far as words are concerned, you can also dive back into this vintage interview regarding the original installment in the series, to get familiar (again)!

Charles' tip: Clément Bouton

"Clément Bouton the skater, and Fabien Pasteur the filmer, have been friends for a long time, and both come from the East of France. Fate had it that Clément had to spend a few weeks in Orléans for work experience, where Fabien lives now. Laws of Nature are that skater and filmer will re-unite no matter what… Proof here."

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