Tom Penny

The Dutch candle fetish!

So, someone will have to step forward and explain us the fascination our neighbors from the Netherlands seem to have developed for said "Tea lights"… Then again, their local street furniture does seem to require some feral waxing! Which has never stopped the Dutch scene from flourishing, since the 90's. This video from local media On The Roll showcases perfectly this vitality, with a varied casting traveling around Europe while also taming their local and yet abrasive surfaces. And, icing on the cake, young Pascal Moelaerts cast a general resemblance with Toby Shuall. Which could never be a bad thing!

Oscar alert!

Supra does Europe once again, and our very own Mister Candon is in fine form, here! Beware, some Parisians monuments might be getting messed up, here…

Cours d'histoire: Paris!

This past summer, the Supra crew came to Paris, but instead of just destroying the local spots, they also took the time to exchange with the locals, in order to learn a bit about their city, and the way they live in it… A rather refreshing angle, the occasion to look back at classics –even for us– and, fear not, the spots did get their fair share of hurtin'!


In 1995, Tom Penny changed the world of skateboarding in a few lines and the complete demolition of a rail spot… A quarter of century before, David Bowie had radically transformed music but also pop culture in its totality. Those two had always meant to be paired, if only for one mythical video part.

O.G. alert!

So, one can't feast on a few tapas and a drop or two of tinto on a Monday, without some Tom Penny footage to drop unannounced!??? What a world do we live in… One can only note, and praise, the absolute stoicism of Tom when facing a fierce skater enemy: the Senior Parisian lady!


Last night the conversation veered to the most naturally talented skateboarders each had met in real life. Obviously, Penny's name came about quickly… And today, Josh Stewart drops this never been seen footage from Tom's Golden Era! A little schooling in class.


Friday mix!

It’s Friday night, so let’s just have a bit of fun, and wonder what the two following parts would look like if you swapped their respective soundtracks!

Live Skateboard MediaLive Skateboard Media

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