Meeting… Sylvain Tognelli

A pro board on the new board brand that is the talk of the town, many video projects and an interview for Live? This is the year of the Tognelli!

Charles' tip : George Newsholme

My buddy Charles likes skaters with finesse and technical abilities, without having strict rules about what is "good" or "bad" in skateboarding… Basically, he always has a good advice! “Not much going on, these days, which can be quite nice, also. That leaves you time to look around for stuff you have missed out on.” So, yep, this isn’t new, but this part is diverse and nice on the eyes, and from an Australian video we had missed out on.

Line of the week

This is going to be hard to top…


Hip hop hooray

Quiet day, uhh? Let's get this party started through this Trunk Boyz compilation, with a modern music masterpiece slapped over it! A great occasion to watch once again that pool Berle line that is just amazing…

Exile on back streets

Kevin Coakley had been part of the Blueprint exile a little while back, and today he finds a fitting home at Think, while being himself: seeking unlikely spots to tame them with finesse and a good sense of “what would be sick, here?”. Great skating.

Meeting… Mark Suciu!

Maybe you have already recovered from his Philadelphia themed part for Adidas, but we haven’t… Here are a few answers from him that could surprise you.

Blue smoke

Nice wander through the city of hills, and the flowering trees are a nice sight and all, but let’s not get distracted here: doesn’t Oudaly Philavanh totally miss the point of mixing cigarettes and skateboarding by holding one though a whole line? According to the Drehobl Book of Rules, aren’t you supposed to puff on it while stomping tricks?

Lo-fi nation

We showed you Brad Cromer's part a little while ago, but here is Lo-fi in its totality. Showing that Cromer has more than one talent, as he edits that buddy video, and does a nice job at it.

Beast, indeed.

Watch out, he's gonna cut you! We already spoted Daniel Kim here and there in various Washington DC clips, but, now, he show what he is truly capable of: technical and efficient, but with a stomping quality that is really enjoyable. No half assing tricks here! This video looks promising, and don't miss out on that part!

Meeting… Nick Jensen!

The secret is now out the bag about Paul Shier and Nick Jensen’s new board company. We thought we would pick Nick’s brain about where he wants to lead Isle skateboards, on his board, but also under those boards.


“[…] To dissipate or disappear like vapor.” At a time giving about ten (twenty?) new “things” to look at everyday, to the most motivated, how many parts have you watched since the beginning of the year, and have totally forgotten since? Hmm?


Today exclusively on Live, here is Equinox, a Street Feet production, filmed over the now past winter in between Toronto, Reading and Detroit! Streets, snow, nights and ice…


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