Besides some short but noticed featuring in several project, Eli Reed hasn't had a full part since "State of Mind" so thank you to Quatersnack for making this remix on the the Eli Reed phenomenon.

Randy Ploesser & the St Losers

The spots are not spots, the tricks are unexpected and Randy Ploesser is super good, that should be enough ingredients for you to love that video part coming from nowhere, or more precisely from Saint Louis, courtesy of "the skateboard mag"


After Bert Wooton some days ago, Cosmit Vomit 2 is throwing up the part of Johan Stuckey, wich is the last one. See by yourself.

Pat Gallaher - Home Grown

Pat Gallaher is from Minnesota and have been noticed in Debris video, and you know what he deserves more minutes of your attention, specially regarding the toughness of the spots.


Iron Claw Skates Faux One One

The New York happy people from Iron Claw giving an hommage to 411 video magazine that no longer exists, a good way to discover their team.

Yeah, Marcos!

One of the O.G. Santz locals, Marcos Gomez has since turned into an incredible spot hunter, often far off the beaten path, that he always uses at their best, thanks to the tech skills he polished on the train station benches a while back…


Bordeaux Bonus

We had presented you Bordeaux Exposure, Julien Januszkiewicz video, as an exclusive, and here comes the bonus! More Bordeaux, mo'better!

National anthem

So The National is the second brand to start these days to fly high the colors of a "so british" type of skateboarding, and this first promo is promising, with the return on our screen of Neil Smith in a slightly less stuntman version, or so it seems… Oh, waut, nope. Also a team with both Danijel Stankovic and David Mackey onboard gets full repect around here! Yep.

Meeting… Sylvain Tognelli

A pro board on the new board brand that is the talk of the town, many video projects and an interview for Live? This is the year of the Tognelli!

Charles' tip : George Newsholme

My buddy Charles likes skaters with finesse and technical abilities, without having strict rules about what is "good" or "bad" in skateboarding… Basically, he always has a good advice! “Not much going on, these days, which can be quite nice, also. That leaves you time to look around for stuff you have missed out on.” So, yep, this isn’t new, but this part is diverse and nice on the eyes, and from an Australian video we had missed out on.

Line of the week

This is going to be hard to top…


Hip hop hooray

Quiet day, uhh? Let's get this party started through this Trunk Boyz compilation, with a modern music masterpiece slapped over it! A great occasion to watch once again that pool Berle line that is just amazing…


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