Nora Vasconcellos

Gonz & friends

Thrasher is launching a new web video series dubbed "Abnormal Communication", focused on street skateboarding pioneer Mark Gonzales who, for this first episode, is all over the place skating with his friends (well his Adidas team mates, at least...), all the while reassuring you about the Olympics being a false problem as well as your own sanity, if you ever fancied painting on your clothes. The man just won't age, and Heitor Da Silva continues his attention to the top.

Welcome back

Poor puns aside, Welcome Skateboards just dropped a new full-length video on YouTube; this week smells like in general, many independent companies have been cooking up such online surprises as it already has known the public release of plenty of remarkable pieces from the likes of TrafficHeroin et Roger.

This new video is thirty-five minutes of quality skateboarding, although the spirit obviously has come a long way since the beginning of the company back when it sponsored the likes of Erick Winkowski, Logan Lara, Nolan Johnson or Chris Milic. The production feels a lot cleaner and instead, it is still-young dad Jordan Sanchez's father duties (and spot experimentation) that we're granted to watch alongside a Ryan Lay who definitely made the right choice to stick with Welcome despite HUF's insistence if such quality output was to be one of the consequences, a Nora Vasconcellos who Vasconcelloses just like she has steadily been since 1997, and also Daniel Vargas, Ryan Townley, Will Blaty, Aaron Goure, Jason Salillas and many more amateurs most will have a hard time identifying, unfortunately, due to their names only ever flashing on screen for a brief second at the beginning of the credits.

Your daily dose of quirky tricks, a pinch of transition, and H.D. footage despite which the recipe works, and the sauce builds up so much one is bound to reach the aforementioned credits before realizing it already anyway.

Paris Days

Well no, "Das Days", was not just about LIVE movie night! A rather thick gan of Three Striped boys and girls were also here, all about enjoying what the City of Light had to offer! We will point out Gustav Tonnesen here, that is his usual board control genius with a "touch of class"…

Magnus alert!

After our week dedicated to his case, you most likely were already believers, but this fine young gentleman confirms all expectations by stealing the show from a rather heavy squad, including Dennis and Daewon!


In all honesty, the team montage intro is a bit of a slow burner, but Diego Najera is quick to put things up to speed in a couple lines made of impossible tricks for your regular pro pieced together… Yep, he's not messing around.

Trip out…

Talk about killing it… The Adidas team is know for its ability to adapt to about any terrain, with class, but this trip to Japan allows us to realize how far skateboarding has gone into something amazing to watch territories. And, in the end, just like in football, Germany wins. Well, in our case, Dennis does!

Mid-City Merge

They here, all here, more or less, including a couple of the new heads, and all go hard in L.A. but in the end, the best part is seeing Busenitz and Lucas battle the same manual spots! Perfect.

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