Daewon Song

Magnus alert!

After our week dedicated to his case, you most likely were already believers, but this fine young gentleman confirms all expectations by stealing the show from a rather heavy squad, including Dennis and Daewon!


In all honesty, the team montage intro is a bit of a slow burner, but Diego Najera is quick to put things up to speed in a couple lines made of impossible tricks for your regular pro pieced together… Yep, he's not messing around.

Trip out…

Talk about killing it… The Adidas team is know for its ability to adapt to about any terrain, with class, but this trip to Japan allows us to realize how far skateboarding has gone into something amazing to watch territories. And, in the end, just like in football, Germany wins. Well, in our case, Dennis does!

Meantime, in London…

With such a casting, in one of the most photogenic city when it comes to skating, one was expecting something amazing… But, dammit!

Off Broadway…

Adidas in NYC, you know if it going to be good, especially considering the caliber of the new ams joining in, but Rodrigo… Goddam', Rodrigo!!!

Daewon will be better than thou!

Here lies proof –thanks to Quartersnacks– that mister Song Instagram account is "superior" than over 99% of all "real part"s ever filmed… The best part might be Tony Hawk's reaction to some tricks!

Swiss knife

This street only section from this summer's tour of Europe underlines the multi-function of the DVS team as a whole, to the point where one can wonder what kind of spot would leave them completely dry… Sure, on a wet mega-ramp, Daewon might have to tighten his trucks a little, but that would still count, right? Apart from that, let's note the improbable trick Luis Tolentino decided to get on that long, long ledge in Milano!

Now, that's a demo!

The DVS stop in Lyon gives Daewon Song the occasion to teach the younglings a few things about mini-ramp skating –a really fun activity that can be a bit difficult to make exciting to watch– and let Adrien Coillard write a new page on his hammers list!

Pop, pop!

Luis Tolentino.

Texas rangers

A city that you don't really hear much about and team known for its diversity, and also a certain Daewon: you can't go wrong. When this ends up with a stack of Luis Tolentino footage, and some really good Flo Mirtain, you're off to a good start of the day!


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