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Trip out…

Talk about killing it… The Adidas team is know for its ability to adapt to about any terrain, with class, but this trip to Japan allows us to realize how far skateboarding has gone into something amazing to watch territories. And, in the end, just like in football, Germany wins. Well, in our case, Dennis does!

Hot nights

The collective mind imagines Brasilian nights as panting and full of surprises, and the megalopolis of Sao Paulo could only fit the fantasy criteria… As seen by Murillo under the Flanantes microscope, local nights are more than busy, from the spot locs to the visitors: the creme de la creme of the national scene, with a particular way to look at the city. One will note the special work on sounds to create the mood for this street masterpiece!


Back to Brazil, with the latest production of Murilo Romão, who we have mentioned before for both his talents in front and behind the camera. Hell, how many skate videos have made direct references to French intellectual Guy Debord!? Plus, this works as an amazing Who's Who of the second continent of skateboarding, even when it comes to older generations. But, you are mostly in for a large dose of sick skating put together the way you want it to be. Oh, and Murilo, from République to the famous Roosevelt Square of Sao Paulo is quite amazing in his very own relaxed tech…

Brazilian week: "Sob a aparente desordem"

Murilo Romão has his own take of the street… In the way he skates it, first of all, but also the way he captures it, with his very own video projects, including his most recent full length, Flanantes, that is reaching cult classic status in Brazil, for the way it captures Sao Paulo (where he is based) and Rio's scenes. Raw and cautious, clever and bold: this is Murilo and his vision!

Brazilian Week: "ASCO - SÃO PAULO"

All right, let's continue our exploration of the Brazilan scene, with the recent ASCO production, this one focusing on São Paulo, from locals to more or less regular visitors, like that one guy Cotinz, –an interesting character as much for his skating as his own video productions– also known to be on an endless couch tour… Get on the local vibe, from the city known as the capitol of skateboarding over there

Hype away!

Or when the "World Team" is head to head with the "U.S. team"… And the question on everybody's mind: how in hell are they going to sit so much good skating into one video!?

Klaus Bohms alert!

We were already stoked on watching our buddy Klaus Bohms, especially on his home turf, showing Brazil to his gringos colleagues, but, damn, he is on a tear, here! Technical and powerful, with that pop that makes the difference… Let's not even mention what kind of rough spots he flies over! Apart from that, Westgate and Evan Smith aren't too shabby, either…

Cultural choc

Let's be frank, we all have our prejudices against the "rest of the world", especially when they live far enough to be out of our radar… Brazil, for many and it is also a bit true for us –let's just say it!– is often seen as a country with a bit skate culture (they say it is the second national sport, there!) where kids train in skateparks to then go win all contests around the world, with the hope of "making it".

An unorthodox combo

Yep, Klaus Bohms is Brazilian, despite a German sounding moniker. And part from his own family history, it is quite amusing to note that his style on a board is actually the perfect mix of German precision and Brazilian coolitude –for lack of better term– which gives him a powerful yet clean skating, while letting you believe he only skates smooth surfaces. Well, far from that, we tell you! That, and he also is a standup guy, which is always something to boast about!

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