Jak Pietryga

Again and again

Well, here is the perfect follow-up to the "Safe" part and Marc-A Barbier 's interview, since he manages some cool featurings in this super Londonian edit… From Kyron Davis to Korahn Gayle, pretty much all sides of Oh So British skate styles are well represented, here. Oh, and one should spot that promising young man that goes by the name of Gillet.

Rock scissors paper!

The return of Phil Evans, who has been the most creative (on top of most active) filmmaker in Europe for a few years already, with this edit first filmed with Jak Pietryga, then re-drawn frame by frame to make it more than dope lines around the Great Smoke. About four thousands pages later, here is the fine tuned result, set to a custom made soundtrack by Gibbo. Yep, this is some great Evans, and good dose of fresh air! Not that we needed it, did we!?

Le Kyron!

This one almost slipped throuh the cracks, and it would have been a real shame, considering what Kyron Davis is giving us here: that great mix of that Brit tech on unsafe spots that we know him for, but stepped up a notch, here! Real good stuff from him, but also his mates…

Blip, blip!

A great follow-up to the recent Hockey promo, produced by Grey skate mag: follow the adventures of  Donovon Piscopo and John Fitzgerald around London with their British colleagues!

Doggie stylie?

And, here's your dose of red bricks beautifully turned green by moss and time… Always a good start for your day, especially when it displays one Kyron Davis at home and at his best, like with that 2' 15" line, or that other one at 2' 38". Once again Grey proves its good taste, notably with what might be the best use of "spontaneous street singing" since the Virtual Reality credits.

Lightbox: Grey

This could be a  "Pinto Alert!", but this is mainly the reaffirmation that Phil Evans is one of the rare filmmakers documenting skateboarding right now that is constantly innovating, in form or content… Super 8, animated drawings, a trip to a foreign land? Well, this looks like nothing you would expect! You can also check out the Grey Skate Mag related feature, here.

NESW UK / South / Premiere

Once again a Live exclusive, the video side of the NESW project keeps on unveiling –while the book edited by Henry Kingsford is still to come– showcasing the United Kingdom as seen by the local Nike SB riders… Here you shouldn't be too disorientated, since the South episode focuses on London, a city we often mention here. Still, most spots will not be familiar looking at all, which is a plus. And careful to not spit your hot cocoa through your nose when you'll be exposed to Tom Harrison final ollie!


If getting the Grey stamp of approval is not enough to convince you, you are quite the difficult one… But, then, that very first line should seal the deal for you!

Destination: Sarajevo!

Seeing what all The Harmony heads got to skate there, this past summer, you could say it does rank as a great destination for next year? Our tip: do as they did and put a Lukla Pinto in your luggage!

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