Mark Gonzales

Le classique

Well, we will tip our hat off to Jason Jessee for his choices in his schooling on what Mark Gonzales has brought us… Beyond the never been done tricks, the total approach of the street and its street furniture, he points out a crucial point: the attitude… Thanks to a short film by Spike Jonze that very few would have seen, yet. A great course in Gonzology in the wider sense, with a surprise test later today, in the street!


O.G. alert!

So, one can't feast on a few tapas and a drop or two of tinto on a Monday, without some Tom Penny footage to drop unannounced!??? What a world do we live in… One can only note, and praise, the absolute stoicism of Tom when facing a fierce skater enemy: the Senior Parisian lady!


Like all things related to Mark Gonzales, this 2001 part was surrounded by various legends, one of them being that the soundtrack was switched last minute, replacing Morrisey by Mark himself, or his poetry interpreted by Tommy Guerrero, the whole thing working actually perfectly… Well, the rumor was true, and the original edit is now available! The best thing, end of the day, is that these three minutes are some of his all time best… Enjoy them again! Mark Gonzales x Morrisey = #veryrare

Suck it

Krooked x Mark Gonzales x Brad Cromer x Super 8 x NYC x VERY RARE

Style Cup

If one day, there should be a World Cup of "Street Style in the Streets", Mark Gonzales would be –for obvious reasons– no qualifiable, but that Rodrigo Teixeira dude could steal the (fire hydrant shaped?) trophy, just for this "cruising" footage here… Seriously!

Le temps des cerises…

So, it's on…

Le Gonz du jour

Seems like winter is far from over in NYC, but that doesn't seem to bother Mark Gonzales one bit, or stop him to go skating on his own in the cold. And that's a beautiful thing!


Tim O'Connor, uncut!

"Apparently, Mark Gonzales is a Diet Stan Smith!"… Tim O'Connor is an undisputed freestyle champ! Here are seven minutes of total improv' for the great video about The Man with the White and Green Shoe, featuring Nestor Adkins… He delivers!

Pro status

Nobody will be able to say that Brad Cromer did not deserve his pro status: having to cruise all of Manhattan on a Circle Board, now that's a proper hazing!

The Gonz

Explain Mark Gonzales in ten minutes, now that's impossible you'd –wisely– tell us, but this is actually taking quite a good jab at it. If you are not that familiar with the guy that invented what you do with your board whenever you have five minutes to yourself, this is no course, more like a glimpse of what he is, and hopefully, your source of inspiration for the week, and more!


Triple ration

As usual, many great things all stamped by the Three Stripes, in this almost Madrid montage (the local will have recognized other location with fairer weather), and a few great moments like Benny's nollie nosegrind. You may wonder if Suciu will unlock a wave of "kickflip in the grass", and we'll salute the arrival of one of the most talented street skater of all times: Rodrigo Teixeira!


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