Oscar Candon

Eniz Alert!

The Frank dudes have discovered the new Barcelona! Oh, wait, never mind…


If you had been digging, rightfully so, Innocence & Experience, well, here is what wasn't "good" enough to be in there… Considering the caliber of these rejects, one can only rejoice we still get to see them! Plus, the heavy Oscar Candon featuring is a nice touch!

Post trick…

Just for the pushes after the 50-50, Oscar is amongst those we wish he wasn't hurt so often…


Frank time

This time, it is on! Frank skateboards is a reality, and well, if it's good enough for Eniz, it's all good for us!


Oscar Candon and Michael Mackrodt in Africa: all the good boxes are ticked, right? Well, yeah! The place is slightly exotic, but count on those two to not come back with just a few postcards! This new episode of the Nokia Pureviews production is a fascinating trip coupled with a good dose of heavy skating you will enjoy for sure…

Café clope

Well, you don't turn ten every other day, and Nozbone, the Parisian shop, is having a ball with this logical follow-up to the great Rendez-Vous, their first full length video from 2009. With the years, the team has evolved, and this time Ludovic Azémar is running the whole show. You know you're in for a hell of a show…


Ouch, losing one Candon and a VX 1000 at the same time, now that's makes an edit quite pricey, even if it makes for an amazing title! Let's note Ben Delaboulaye surprising ollie 540, though…

Endless line

The best thing with Chewy Cannon is that even when he lands some tricks he surely had to battle a little, and that some would validate with a definitely lame board focus, you know he will just keep going with a few flatland fun, going at mach ten, celebrating the best moment of skating: rolling –fast– in between tricks!

Meeting… Alex Richard!

Today, Trauma Skateboards is giving us the exclusive on the new edit from their Bordeaux native rider, Alex Richard, handing us an excuse to ask him a few questions. Read his catching-up interview after the jump!

Friday mix, uh?

French man Julio Sola empties his hard-drive with this second visual mixtape and gives you a quizz to keep busy over the week-end: you will have to find out who is skating (really well!) all around Paris, Perpignan, Berlin and further…

(A couple hints below)

Friends always!

This is an ad, but an ad by good people doing even greater things, so here it is… And that spot is just incredible! Learn more about Savate Skate Socks here!


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