Oscar Candon

Oscar alert!

Supra does Europe once again, and our very own Mister Candon is in fine form, here! Beware, some Parisians monuments might be getting messed up, here…


The most known Parisian skateshop, for the best reasons, Nozbone continues steady killing it by producing another video, where Ludo Azémar manages to capture the energy of a city, and mainly of a generation… All you ever wanted to see when it comes to skating in Paris, and even more!

Savate "Trompe Le Monde"

An ode to celebrate that unknown spot at the very deep end of the industrial area of the suburb of that lost village? Off, this is what Savate is all about! Those guys know that spots are where you go look for them, they do… This should plant the seed that will make you plan out a summer trip with your friends. That's their goal, at least.


Beware: you're in for a laugh or two! Romain Batard is known to be able to convey the explosive side of skateboarding, as well as its hilarious side, the way it is all interlaced in real life. His new full-length is in direct lineage of his precedent pieces, only with a wider spectrum of skaters, due to his recent move to Paris. Rebound confirms also a recent philosophical theory pointing out the fact that in French street skating, Hugo Maillard always steals the show, as he appears to have way more fun than anyone else, while steady killing it. This is gold, Jerry, gold!

Haze Wheels / promo / PREMIERE

You had been warned, as discussed yesterday, Bertrand Soubrier knows how to pick'em up, and Haze Wheels confirms it here with a promo that we are more than happy to present you today, as a LIVE exclusive! From Oscar Candon to JP Villa, they got you covered, including real bits and pieces of Hugo Maillard in there… If –like us– you dig it, share with the world!

Haze, and Bertrand Soubrier!

A meeting with the enthusiast behind Haze Wheels, as a teaser for their new promo, coming out on LIVE, tomorrow!

Cours d'histoire: Paris!

This past summer, the Supra crew came to Paris, but instead of just destroying the local spots, they also took the time to exchange with the locals, in order to learn a bit about their city, and the way they live in it… A rather refreshing angle, the occasion to look back at classics –even for us– and, fear not, the spots did get their fair share of hurtin'!

Deuxième vague!

All Paris, and De Paris in four edits from local film makers, with a bunch of interludes, and the follow-up to Jeux d'Ombres already presented on Live? Can't say no!

Tour de France?

If American skaters seem to be prone to a vintage Harley road trip at the drop of a dime, it looks like in Europe the trusted bicycle still is the local prime choice… Then again, to enjoy the sightseeing and spot possible terrain on the side of the road the slower pace makes sense! Proof here with that trip the À Propos crew just started with a couple amateur cyclists… Now let's hope they will only rehydrate with cold beers and avoid the "clear water" that is popular amongst the Tour de France professionals!

Parisii / XX

Last arrondissement of Paris, the XXth will actually be the last before last before last for Parisii! The exploration of the city keeps on, street by street, and even if it takes a bit of time, it is counterbalanced by some golden nuggets of spots! This area delivers some surprises on top of the downhill routes it is known for. Yes, the XXth has more to offer than the Père-Lachaise cemetery and Jim Morrison's grave! Get on board for a virtual session that might even get the locals to leave the République Plaza for once…
And remember, you can find all Parisii, since its beginning, here.

Le Vicious Circle

Proof that HD doesn't need Californian blue skies… You knew his "lo def" work through Parisii, but demonstrates here that what matters, first, is what you show, and not the camera you use!

Candon alert!

Oscar got more power than most, and we can dig that!



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