Oscar Candon

Megamix, is now live!

The most LOL video out of France this year is now online! Get ready for your dose of Lucas Puig, Flo Mirtain, Joseph Biais, Oscar Candon, Hugo Maillard and many more!

Fearless Oscar !

Let's use this new episode of the Tour Sans Fin, to wish a quick recovery to Oscar Candon, as it seems he hurt himself quite badly last night… Then again, when you skate like that, it's meant to happen!

Megamix… 5 W's!

Well, the main question being: what the hell is Megamix supposed to be!??

Mixing it up!

Julio Sola has been documenting French skateboarding for a little while now, first from his native Perpignan (on which he realized a Scene feature for us), and from Paris and beyond nowadays.
Here is a little mixtape of sort he just put online, where he accommodates to a Sea Punk salsa a selection of the coolest tricks and lines he has captured recently. Great skating, great casting, and just for Oscar Candon’s line, this should get your Walkman all wound up!

Parisii XVII

First "arrondissement" to be explored Parisii style, the XVIIth is a perfect introduction to the project…
The rest of the city grand tour will unfold on the map. Stay tuned!

And read an interview of the filmmakers in the BONUS section.

Meeting… Oscar Candon!

A Live exclusive, just for you: Oscar Candon’s part has been awaited for a while now!

Liberté, Égalité, Fatalité

Empty promises, or reality? Savate is here to answer all questions…


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