Yaje Popson

(Almost) raw Alien!

A look back at Bunker Down, first real project of the revived Alien Workshop, with the totality of the footage produced for it during a Detroit trip. Prepare yourself for a lot of skating, in the ever so-photogenic quasi-ghost town, and a nice windown into the "real level" of the crew, on a daily basis. Let's actually note the omnipresence of Brandon Nguyen, whatever the spot might be!

Bronze, unplugged!

The whole crew is in this, and even on the steepest streets of SF, the NYC heads hold it down!

Bean Bag

A buddy video that appears to be dedicated to a coffee, now that is rare enough to be noted. Lots of dope featurings, including our boy Charles Lamb, and the always great Max Garson! Let's also note an often surprising Christian Miller…


We thought we had "lost" him due to his knee problems and an exile / new life in Brazil, and then he reappeared, seemingly skate thirsty! And here he is joining Alien Workshop ranks, with the same smoothness whether he goes tech, or goes harder in the paint. So, yep, everything is good in the world, this morning… One thing, though, hold on your breath for that last clip. You might get a severe stress dose there!

Famous skate rats unite!

According to the quite thick Book of Live Laws, whoever deemed worthy enough of a shared sesh by Devendra Banhart deserves a post… Therefore, no need to even mention that fakie ollie 50-50! Bravo, Yaje!

Yaje Popson online!

And here is is, finally, that part that many were discussing, and yep the little guy's class is there, as expected! Wait, you don't already own a copy?

Dece Vid

New York as a background, and a casting mixing such names as Lucien Clarke, Shawn Powers, Alex Olson, Austyn Gillette, Dan Plunkett, Danny Brady, Brian Delatorre, Nick Boserio, and the long awaited Yaje Popson part? Get the kettle on!


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