Meeting… Nick Jensen!

The secret is now out the bag about Paul Shier and Nick Jensen’s new board company. We thought we would pick Nick’s brain about where he wants to lead Isle skateboards, on his board, but also under those boards.


“[…] To dissipate or disappear like vapor.” At a time giving about ten (twenty?) new “things” to look at everyday, to the most motivated, how many parts have you watched since the beginning of the year, and have totally forgotten since? Hmm?


Today exclusively on Live, here is Equinox, a Street Feet production, filmed over the now past winter in between Toronto, Reading and Detroit! Streets, snow, nights and ice…

Hot thang

Puerto Rico by night, but mostly, mostly Jake Johnson's no-comply 5-0! Period.

The endless story

Today must be the "tech but nice on the eyes" day, with this large bonus of Marc Johnson, made of "nearly good enough" for Pretty Sweet –the gift that keeps on giving– for Lakai.


Equinox (and Rob Mentov) 5 W’s

The aptly named video will premiere on Live tomorrow, so we thought it’d be a good time to give you the heads up what to expect… Meet Rob Mentov, and his most recent video project!

Hot, le Lacoste!

For sure, an easy one, but so true! Real good, he is, for sure, but nicely packaged by his buddy Peter Sidlauskas, the genius behind the Bronze empire, it could only get better! Thanks Roger skateboards for this excellent idea!


The Equinox galerie

Spring will come… On Wednesday. And Equinox will premiere on Live, to celebrate the beauty of fighting winter. Here are a few images to get the mood…

Le Gino, le remix!

They sureley were not the first to come up with the idea, at Brick Harbor, but at least they had access to the best image quality possible … Here, one minute and a half of Gino, and hours of dicussions possible on your favourite forum!


Lawis power

Skateboarding in Paris is way richer than just Parisii, and Hadrien Buhanic keeps on holding it down for the Bloby's Nation… Good stuff.

Charles' tip: David Langston

My buddy Charles likes skaters with finesse and technical abilities, without having strict rules about what is "good" or "bad" in skateboarding… Basically, he always has a good advice!

“This David Langston Texas citizen is unheard of, isn’t he? This should change quickly, with those switch late shove-it and his fs 360’s (are those going to be new cool 360 to do this year?). The fs flip at 3’06 is quite amazing, also.”


The Philly Way

What to say, what to say? Mark Suciu puts out another part –this time for Adidas– once again amazing by its level… And as pretty much each time, with a theme. Here, it is Philadelphia and Love Park that almost steal the show. Well, not really, as each and every one spot, famous or not, get tamed, at minimum. A beautiful ode to a city with a rich skateboard history, by Mark Suciu. What else would you need today?



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