Yaje Popson online!

And here is is, finally, that part that many were discussing, and yep the little guy's class is there, as expected! Wait, you don't already own a copy?

Booster shot

In case you had lost your memory in a freak accident, or never had a clue, let’s state that JB Gillet is one of our national treasures, and most likely one of the greatest contribution to le skate to ever come from France. Proof here, with this condensed career in front of a camera, remixed by le Manolo.

closing time sesh!

We believe Philip Santosuosso works behind the counter of New-Orleans skateshop, Humidity. By watching what he does on a board, we might doubt the actual opening hours of the store, or decide that the guy got a knack for that skateboard thing. We’ll let his boss sort out that presence at work situation, and enjoy a plethora of spots we’ve never seen, used at their best, from an area we never hear from!

Charles' tip: C.U.R.B.

My buddy Charles likes skaters with finesse and technical abilities, without having strict rules about what is "good" or "bad" in skateboarding… Basically, he always has a good advice! “After Dennis showed us you can ooze style while skating curbs, here is Roger’s version, to give you good kick, and a big smile. Even the video description is great: Roger skateboards at its best… (Nate Broussard glimpse included)”

Vincent Bressol 5 W's!

French company, Metropolitan skateboards is back and premieres its first video offering exclusively on Live! A good occasion to catch up with Vincent Bressol on what the brand is aiming for, and what he has been up, himself.

Hard knocks

Parental Advisory was no joke, and those extras neatly packed by geographical areas delivers on the customer service front. Then again, DGK got quite the casting, don't they!?

The experiment did work

Recommending this video by speaking of history, or nostalgia, would be the best way to put some of you off; and just plain wrong, as The Philadelphia Experiment is at the opposite of the train of thought stating that “things were better before”.

He's back

We still can't tell you much about Politic, apart from their real good taste in picking up riders… Proof here with their announcing of Danny Renaud joining their ranks! Yep, he is skating again, for real.

Puerto Rico!

Even if sping seems around the corner, who would refuse a trip to Puerto Rico? Not us, especially with such a rad crew… Great stuff once again, as expected from the GX 1000 crew!

Back to Poland

We had questioned Joseph Biais on his polish times… Seems like his Vans colleagues had paid their visit, then, also. Some sick spots, and some great moments on wheels, including Joseph accidental trick!

Lord finesse

We’re a bit late on that one, but since Live is about quality before quantity or promptness, let us urge you to watch this surprise mini part from Nick Jensen, for Thunder Trucks. Nick is in great form here, between technical ability and harsh spots taming. This should translate in even better stuff for the brand he’s launching with Paul Shier. Now that is something we should ask him about…

Silas Baxter-Neal 4 W's!

As his last name states, Silas isn’t from Japan, but local skaters have inspired him enough to dedicate a whole part to their influence. Here is what he had to say about it…


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