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It is no less than six years that Marshall Nicholson spent restlessly working on his second independent, full-length skate video (after "FEED YOUR HEAD", and shorter clips such as "JIVE"): "HOT PLATE", a few parts from which had already found their respective ways online before - notably via Theories of Atlantis and Vague Skate Mag. Talking Theories, they are still hosting this interview with Marshall by Mike Wine where the approach for, and process behind the piece were discussed in length; Vague, on their end, had Dom Henry take over the interrogation room, which resulted in even more commentary from the author.

Now, Marshall is a full-time father and still undertaking new projects, be it video-wise or not as he's also been busy managing Palms Skateshop; and yet in spite of such an intense schedule, today, he's delivering and serving us the full "HOT PLATE" - now watchable in one shot fired from Fort Myers, Florida but also, by extension, N.Y.C., Baltimore, Chattanooga and Tokyo. A whole universal story wrapped up within exactly forty-two VX-1000-driven minutes; Douglas Adams himself never was this correct at estimating the meaning of life.


Dave Caddo, I first heard about him on a rainy day at Cide, a now defunct London skateshop, where his very first part was on heavy rotation, before eventually bump into him, somewhere between Brooklyn and Queens alongside Puleo. Time has passed since, but this man keeps on delivering when it comes to make spots spit what they got to offer, from finding them to knowing how to handle them. Yep, he's got it, and always had!



Exactly what you would need, just before the week-end: some raw "real" street skating on the shitty sidewalks of New Jersey, and beyond! What you say? You say "Thanks, Politic!"… They sure know about it all!

Taylor alert!

Looks like Valencia is quickly becoming a hit destination, and for good reasons… Here the crew is American, apart from a Dom Henry on top of his game, and the skating is top notch, but here, mister Nawrocki is the one that will stay branded in your tired and saturated brain! Power and technique, put to a good use: it's all here!

Caddo alert!

Back in 2002, there was this strange ritual at the now defunct CIDE skateshop that consisted of putting out of its dusty jacket an already dated VHS video to watch the part of a complete unknown named Dave Caddo… It was borderline a cult of sorts. But for all the good reasons: Dave skated fast and well, very well, about everything, and with a pop that could only make you jealous of all the spots that only existed for him, and not you. Well, in 2016, Mister Caddo is still around, and with this new part for Politic, not just to cruise a little. The elegance is still the same, and the spots will have you jelly too!



Yep, they are announcing us a full-length, at Politic, and considering the quality of their riders, and of their video productions, we are just happy now… Hell, September is around the corner, isn't it? Yep, get used to it… With a Taylor Nawrocki on top of his game at the moment, a Caddo, a… Well, yeah, we told you it was good shit!

Who's who!

We have already mentioned Local Express a couple times but, here, you are in for a treat! The casting is about perfect, and in raw mode for a quarter of hour, you have time to really enjoy everybody's style, without even counting all the rough yet so eye pleasing spots to be seen here.

Caddo alert!

"You smell that? Nothing else in the world smells like that… I love the smell of wall rides in the morning…"


Spivey alert!

So, this trip from the always on point Politic heads could easily be filed under "Renaud alert" or "Caddo alert", but let's use it to salute the fact that Jason Spivey officially enters our "watch out for this guy" group with, for the old timers amongst us, some Anthony Correa air, and not just for bun reasons…

The Mondays

Now, this should help you get your head in the right place and fight that Monday Blues! Nice lines from a bunch of great people, plus some Dave Caddo in there!

Derm alert!

Young Derm had taken our collective heart by surprise a few months ago: king of the "non-spots" and of the unpredictable trick, he repeats the performance with unexpected moves where you would not want to skate, at about every clip in here. Also, add a solid back up from the whole Politic crew, and Danny Renaud footage that will put a smile on the grumpiest amongst us old men…

Caddo & cie

We were rejoicing about the recent Dave Caddo addition to Politic, hoping for a nice welcome part at some point. Well, here it is, and it delivers! Add great things from about every other team member, plus finding out (at least for us!) about the nonchalantly explosive style of Kevrick Evans, and you're looking at a few re-watchs this week. And probably way more then that!

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