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Max's tip: "MERLOT"

Max Guyot (interviewed on the topic of his video "BROTHERHOOD" filmed in Nancy and Paris, here) most definitely knows what's up as he was the first to bring "MERLOT" to LIVE's attention - that is, two whole hours before its author could even find the time to e-mail us the link!

So, this "MERLOT" tastes like forty strong minutes of San Francisco brillance, equally brillantly collected by Ryan Flores featuring, on the other side of the lens, la crème de la crème of the modern local scene: Jameel Douglas (whose Parisian peregrinations you might remember from here) wraps up no less than a part in the pure tradition of the genre, then followed by the likes of Chris Athans, Ryan Barlow, Jesse Narvaez, Tom Farrell, James Sayres, Alex Greemann or Harry Hafner, amongst others, dotting the timeline... Even some classy visitors showed up: Léo VallsConnor KammererJimmy Larkz or César Dubroca too are in, and that's without even counting Tobin Valverde, Kyle Cielencki (to get more familiar with here), Justin Henry, Simon Isaksson, and even renowned filmers such as Zach Chamberlin and Brett Nichols who both broke free from the record button for a minute. And then more, with Evan Collison and finally Cody Rosenthal, who completes an eventual picture that's vibrant of many a color, style and spot (all read with science, those ones).

"MERLOT" is the result of years worth of skating and filming; it is therefore only logical that its aromas feel so fine and sweet, with a punchy aftertaste to boot!

So, will you be grabbing that bottle or what?...

Dish it out!

At Deep Dish, left-overs are served spicy and hot… All of Chicago, more or less, is here, and reppin' on the rough spots you'll dig!

"No Respect"

Once again, the Deep Dish hit hard, real hard, even… With that raw, raw street we know them for, adding a couple new faces, like that Justin Henry we always tell you about, an improbable Steffen Watts from start to the end of his part, all culminating with Brett Weinstein fusing all Chicago influences to make it into his own twopointzero version… That full-length is what you would need to kick start the week, but it could help you go through the winter, too! And the footage of the gang switching from multiple layers of winter puff to sweaty shorts will also remind you of what matter to them, just as much as it does to you: the crew! Thank you, Deep Dish for the wake-up slap…

Our Justin!

OK, OK, he's not really "ours", but we dig him a lot, and we speak about Justin Henry quite often… Well, he's back at it, with a few nuggets here, like that front shove 50-50 on a round bar, and a pole jam front wall ride!

Colombus postcard!

Our contact in Ohio, Andrew Helvey, just sent some news, and everybody is good!

On the come up!

Watching skaters grow and "coming of age" in their skating is one of the pleasures of nerdery, and following Justin Henry more or less from the beginning of LIVE, fits in that category. So, it is a real treat for us to put this part to your attention, today, as we are sure it will delight you!

Impromptu / PREMIERE

Andrew Helvey has been our correspondent for all things Ohio for a minute, now, and has notably introduced us to the young and snappy Justin Henry. Impromptu us Helvey new project, and a nice postcard of what is going on now around his end of the world these days. The kids to keep a look on, and spots you never get to see? It's all there, as a LIVE exclusive for the day. Yep, it's us!

Big J in the house!

Justin Henry? You do know him, and this part announcing his arrival on the Embassy Boardshop roster is of the punch kind we dig… This young man is proving his skills!

Justin Henry postcard!

News from our boy Justin, and his buddies: everybody's fine!

Mo' Justin!

We had introduced you recently to the young and talented Justin Henry, well, here's some more of that smooth thing he does…

Justin Henry "Six Days in New York"

We had already mentioned Justin Henry recently, and here is another proof of an undeniable talent on a board… Yep, six days, through two week-ends, while visiting one of the places in the world that offers the most distractions possible… Respect! Another Live exclusive, for today!


We almost did miss that Justin Henry part, and it would have been a sad occurrence, as the speed at which he executes all he tries here remains the same, rusted metal or cobblestones! Power, yes, but with great style!

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