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Coping Mechanism, 5 W's!

Philip Evans documentary about the Malmö scene sparked five questions, but will deliver way more answers than that!


Latest part to be put online from Grey Area, this should give yourself a healthy dose of Polar, in case you were low on it. Pontus leads the charge, off course, but neither Hjalte nor Michal are slacking behind, fear not!

Meet you at Trocadero!

We were pointing out the good ideas Pontius always come up with (let's be frank, he can also have the worst ones, he's human, after all!), and this ode to simpler times in skateboarding is more than excellent. And the best thing about it is that this should speak to all generations, and not just the old dudes that brake their backs early grabbing their young little hearts out a while back, at the Treader plaza, and around the world…

Mécanique du coping

This new Phil Evans production should take us to Malmo, the European –or should we say World?– capitol of a certain vision of skateboarding, teaming generations and "styles of skating" behind the flag of a man named Pontus, form what we have heard… Can't wait to see the full length!

Nineties till infinity?

As a follow-up to Michal's part, here is the Grey Area montage telling the passage from one era to another, from the "EMB style" plaza of the 90's to the D.I.Y. spot, more likely in a slightly less central area, but with many advantages, one being that the old times were not necessarily "better". Proof: the once highly illegal transitions that are a good majority of the spot are raising kids like Michal into skater able of skating everything, and this is a thing to celebrate!


The 12/12/12 being a special date and all, even Pontus Alv decided it was a good time to put out a full promo today! Just like Stevie…

Jokes aside, those ten minutes should sharpen all the motivation damaged by this harsh beginning of winter! Garanteed!

Breathless / part 2

The DVD is now available, and its director, Arthur Bourdaud explains us the up and downs of this independent project, arising from the Nantes scene.


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