Sage Elsesser

Pussy Gangster

They here, they all here, and it is now official: Supreme Paris is real! Under the eye of Strobeck, you know you are in for multiple watch, and moments soon to be cult, but here's just one spoiler: you should not get closer to Greg Cuadrado's blood stream anytime soon!

One Star World Tour

About six months on the roads, and a team stacked with styles and approaches completely different: that is one recipe that can't fail! The Converse One Star World Tour edit will not let you down, from pure street to visits to all kinds of parks, around the corner from you or on the other side of the planet! That will put you in the perfect mood for the week-end, whatever spots you had in mind for it!

Fight / Fuck II The Movie

The FA/Hockey gang strikes back, with a rather extreme approach to incorporate the sessions life, and the result is powerful… That one trip to Philly and AVE's two lines there should go down in history!

Chomp on that!

So the trilogy is complete: Man Down, Chomp Of This and now Boys of Summer… The Los Angeles 2015 All-Stars version of the "buddy cam" video juggles an amazing mix of generations and the perfect soundtrack. The "feel good movie"  of the winter, we tell you… *****


John Wilson was recently in Paris, and you can find here some visual proof of it, mixed with his usual feel good New-York moments.

Musique de nuit

Sure the casting is pretty much perfect to scavenge the streets of any metropolis once the sun is gone, from Al Davis to Aaron Herrington, but, in the end, we will remember two things: how Ben Kadow tried to pulverize a curb by applying a frontside slappy to it, and mainly, mainly the sound of that very last Zered Basset line. Well, that and Kim fuckin' Gordon

Everybody's tip: "Daydream"

Charles: "Touzery for president!" With Roman as a prime minister? This new SOURCE episode will have something for everybody and is another great work from Ben Chadourne! A nice display of what is happening in (mostly) Parisian streets nowadays…


The kids aren't kids anymore, and you see it in each and every other trick! Kevin Bradley knocks out a couple staple spots in San Francisco with his trademark "relaxed to the max" style and Van Engelen establish full authority in just one line. Seat down, you're gonna love it!

The Red Devil.

New edit, and the player works, now! "a video by William Strobeck for Supreme. STARRING Aidan Mackey, Sean Pablo, Anthony Van Engelen, Alex Olson, Sage Elsesser, Jason Dill, Tyshawn Jones, Kevin Bradley, Na-kel Smith" Need we say more!?

Ode to Joy

Logical follow-up to Cherry, this short by William Strobeck is in the direct lineage of his own personal edits, always punchy, and always mixing the expected heroes like Dill with complete surprises like the Bryan Herman cameo here… And, yes, the kids are growing facial hair, now, and yes, the debates on who deserves what, and who is actually "good" are just going to grow, but, end of the day, Nakel just earn the most exciting line evolving a handrail in years, and that's quite something.

Days in the life of…

Once again, the four wheeled internet is going to set aflame, forgetting that, in the end, in what seems like two afternoon of skateboarding, Sage rips with style… His own style, at that!

An odd future, indeed…

This two appearing regularly on "cool people" Instagram accounts, often next to Jason Dill, the speculations about them stretch from "Great, more scenester kids!" to "they are Dill and AVE's new brand ams, for sure!"… Well, time will tell, but one thing is sure: this two do skate, as shown here!


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