Fine wine

Enjoying downpours in Barcelona is one thing, but that stopped us from telling you what must have been a Spanish skateboarding milestone, on Monday, IE Alain Goikoetxea's insane part! Raised on the first generation of Spanish skateparks, Alain has been one of the Iberic figures, and the proud representative of his Basque country, for… For ever!? Which doesn't stop him from skating like that, nowadays! As Charles said, you could even qualify the whole thing as "cardielesc"! Let's just say that even if vast concrete transitions aren't really your cup of tea, Alain will still blow your mind!

Cruising with Sebo…

There is a nice "holidays with the homies" vibe, here, and you keep thinking that Sebo Walker must have only spent a week in Portland. But he sure did have fun, and also did some great skating nonetheless, including that swith flip on that non-bump thing… He didn't even feel like he had to film something at Burnside, just because, and that's refreshing. And at the end, you wonder: are those Krooked stickers there just because they look cool?

Charles' tip: Alex Kehoe

My buddy Charles likes skaters with finesse and technical abilities, without having strict rules about what is "good" or "bad" in skateboarding… “We had a rather convincing introduction to St Losers with Randy Ploesser’s part… But, this counts too many great things to even count, and the ground is still shit! Maybe this would be worth investing to discover more, what you think?”



An indy video presenting a city rarely under the spotlight can only be worth a watch, because it only means unknown spots and new faces… But when the skating is great and the soundtrack stellar, you’re in for a good time! So, enjoy Chicago and its locs! And cope the DVD while you’re at it!
(On a side-note, Chitown would have been worth a post just for its use of an obscure French psyche pop gem!)

Green pastures

It's sunny and warm out, and it feels like getting out the city to breathe… coping dust in Oregon! Mark "Red" Scott is THE guru of all renagade concrete in America (Burniside anyone?), and when he invites buddies over, it looks more or less like this! Not sure this is actually healthy in any way, but it sure looks like fun! This should also put some persona changes to "pool rider" in perspective…

For Boston

Nate Greenwood seems to be the latest addition to the Stereo crew, and according to this and his student status, you can say he deserves it all!


Notes From The Black Box

Here is, finally, the documentary David Couliau just devoted to Scott Bourne. Enjoy!

Dialogue: Scott Bourne & David Couliau

Introducing our next Off Format and exclusive video: a documentary on Scott Bourne by David Couliau!

20 000 leagues from here…

We discussed 20 000 Leagues Under The Sea, with its creator Joe Peters, and it is now coming out online, part by part… And this second "Friends" section got stellar guests, and some of our favourites!

Parisii I, II, III and IV

The Paris visit continues, this time keeping it central! The city’s first four arrondissements are the smaller ones, but are still rich in spots… Only negative point: you have to share them with the 27 millions of tourists passing by each year! Parisii is a Live exclusive – kindly supported by Nike– and a work in progress, so if you want to contribute a trick or a spot, feel free to join in! Meanwhile, stay tuned, with the map.

Westgate in Boston…

Wait, so when Brandon Westgate visits Boston for a couple day, this is what he comes back with? The guy does have something extra, doesn't he?


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