William Strobeck, macadam cowboy?

William goes way back, and tells us more about what's cool about skateboarding…

Focus / Hugo Maillard

We were not going to give away our first Focus to anyone… Hugo gets it, and therefore got it. Find out why!

Lucas Puig, le remix!

You daydreamed about it, Live did it! Here is the part Lucas filmed for TWS, last year, spiced up, according to a recipe that may suits his tastes a bit better. Thanks to his buddy Hugo Campan’s magic…

Meeting… Koichiro Uehara!

You may have heard that Magenta Skateboards just recruited a Japanese rider… Even if the connection makes sense, we thought we would try to get to know who was their pick.

Soy Panday / tetrahedron

Four triangles will form a tetrahedron… What a better way to to study your geometry than finding out what tickles Soy Panday at the moment?


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