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The Pop Trading Company homies are giving us a slice of winter mood, here, and also present us a new recruit, that despite a rather young age, already shows great taste!

Pop, pop!

Or should we say, "Bang, bang!"!? The Pop Trading Company homies are taking no prisionners, here…

Double trouble!

Your "chill" collab' for Back to School? Yes, the Magenta and Pop Trading Company homies are dropping stuff to keep you sharp till winter shows, but let's be honest it was all an excuse to go and get lost in streets and alleys of Amsterdam, all together! Proof with quick footed images, here!

Pop Trading Company / LIVE in Paris & Berlin

A little bonus to the recent Pop Trading Company Clip #22, this edit collages two afternoons, one spent in Paris, the other in Berlin, through Augustin Giovannoni's camera. Neither more, nor less but enough to celebrate the beginning of summer, and the arrival of young and fresh Pop faces, Mats and Niklas, all punctuated by a half cab flip for the books, by Alex Raeymaekers.

Pop 22!

The Pop Trading Company homeboys are back with another of their now famous clips, this one mainly filmed while they were shooting an article for Free Skate Mag, and it kills. They get down, cobblestones or not…

Pop de printemps!

You can definitely see how pumped they are, here, the Pop Trading Company homies! Yes, the good weather is around the corner, they are ready!

Pop Clip #18

Well, yeah, the Pop heads are proof to about anything, aren't they? Even immune to the cold… Might be their new gear, uh!? Anyway, Willem van Dijk does the nose manual nollie out you've always dreamed of. Well, at least, we dreamed of it!

Pop Live in Berlin

As explained yesterday, the idea of a collabo –as they call it– with the Pop Trading Company heads has been in the air for a while. You could even trace it all the way back to the very first Pop Clips… The first real life meeting happening in Berlin, when the moment to make it happen came, the German city was an evidence. Only this time, it would be timed with a heat wave of sort, and include almost the totality of the POP crew. A few hours under a scorching sun, and a couple Berlin style nights, and the idea to explore every single neighborhood of the city? Mission almost accomplished (it is a vast place!) and we have here an edit celebrating that street skating thing in all its diversity, that is the common trait between POP and LIVE.

And stay tuned for the POP LIVE mini collection!

Pop Live in Berlin / Galerie

To get you amped on the edit coming out on Monday, please find here Hugo Snelooper photos!

Pop, champagne for all!

The Pop Trading Company homies are celebrating this end of the year with a bang, and this mixtape of their best footage from 2015, always keeping an interesting balance  between interlocking block paving and that raw raw street style. Something to keep you waiting for the Pop Live project? Hmm, can't wait for 2016…

Souvenirs de Futur

Well, looks like this one was custom made for us: Juan Saavedra and Santiago Sasson meeting a fine picked selection of some of our favorite skaters from Belgium and Holland on their spots, one could not dream of a better idea! Oh, yeah, actually, add Yoan Taillandier behind (and in front of) the lens! Seems like the Futur Inc really just get it. Hang on, it's a trip!

Pop streets!

Aren't they good at that street skateboarding thing, the Pop Trading Company homies!? This time, it is Alex Raeymaekers that steals the show with a killer line mixing two kickflips in a row and a wallie that really is just asking for trouble!


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